SEER for Space (SEER-Space)

SEER for Space estimates the entire life-cycle of spacecraft subsystems and key instruments.

Product Highlights


  • Quantify the Impact of Technology Growth: Understand how overall mission cost is impacted when technologies need to mature.
  • Support Spacecraft Design: Review impacts of different spacecraft configurations through modeling.
  • Comprehensive cost reports: Provides detailed costs for mission, payload and spacecraft systems at all levels.
  • Key applications include: Proposal development, independent cost reviews, analysis of alternatives, budget preparation, and cross-validation support.
  • Model a variety of key bus subsystems including: Thermal control, communications, guidance, navigation, and more.

Why SEER for Space

SEER-Space was built from a comprehensive collection of space missions and credible, defendable data sources along with extensive research by Galorath’s team of space experts. It allows early estimation of space missions when little information is known and can be used during later phases of a project equally well.

Built on the latest statistical methods including cross-validation to avoid overfitting to the sample data, SEER-Space provides users with confidence that the Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs) will generalize well when used for prediction. SEER-employs a standard Knowledge Base template structure that gives users a more efficient starting point for estimating most instrument and spacecraft buses.

SEER-Space can model a variety of standards and examine the effect of Technical Readiness Level 4-6 and additional maturation efforts if needed. It looks at both Earth and Deep Space missions, from earth orbital missions to Lunar and Lagrange destinations to various Planetary destinations and can consider numerous types of spacecraft such as Orbiters, Flybys, Landers, and Rovers.

SEER-Space is unique in its ability to estimate instrument suites as well as spares, while also allowing for the introduction of contributions to a mission (from part level to whole instruments) and supports the analysis of different procurement methods such as competed versus directed projects, prime contractor versus university-built, foreign contributions, and more.

See our Resources page for more content to see how SEER for Space can add value to your organization.

Product Extensions

Enterprise Database

Collaborate from a centralized workflow environment to organize and control SEER estimates.

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