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Revolutionizing Software Cost Estimation with Precision and Agility

Empower Your Software and Agile Development Projects with SEER-SEM’s Predictive Analytics

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In the intricate world of software development, where software project scopes shift and technological demands rise, SEER for Software (SEER-SEM) stands as the standard for cost estimation and predictive analytics. Whether you’re navigating traditional software development or agile methodologies, SEER-SEM provides the insights and tools to ensure your projects are on time, within budget, and of the highest quality.

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“The software drives cost centric behaviors across the organization and nothing in the market is on the leading edge like SEER Software suite.”

Javier Leonardo P., Affordability Systems Staff Engineer

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"SEER Cost Analysis Platform provides a robust estimating tool for manufacturing. We are in the aerospace industry and the ability to estimate the standard hour content and apply learning curves is very critical. SEER accomplishes this very efficiently. It is the most complete estimating package that i have been exposed to. It was very easy to install and begin estimating quickly. The customer support is the best i have experienced with any software package."

Brian Costa, Head of Industrial Engineering / OE at Qarbon Aerospace

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“We have been using SEER MFG, and the 3D platform for composite, sheet metal, wiring harnesses, machining and others since at least 2012. What we like is the coverage of multiple manufacturing processes, the ease to customize, and the excellent service support from Galorath. Since introducing the 3D platform, we have gained a lot of speed, providing a different estimation, and it is even easier to use. We recommend 100% the use of this software for cost estimation.”

Alain G., Enterprise client

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“Knowledge bases based on historical NASA, AF, and Commercial Satellite contractors that are easy to use and select from program office technical parameters. It is easy to incorporate into the Automated Cost & Integrating tool to include other program costs and complete what-ifs for almost any scenario. Outstanding to say based on the industry average and have any challenges have to answer why it is more or less than the industry.”

Robert Moreland, Project Management Enterprise Integration at NASA

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Unlock the Secrets of Software Estimation

Navigating software estimation can be daunting. Avoid the pitfalls of underestimation and overestimation with proven best practices from Galorath’s 30+ years of industry experience

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SEER-SEM: The Powerhouse of Software Estimation

icon Dynamic Estimation Models

Seamlessly adapt to evolving project requirements, ensuring your estimates are always accurate and actionable.

icon Granular Visibility

Dive deep into every facet of your software project, from labor hours to resolution times, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

icon Risk Mastery

Proactively identify and address potential challenges, ensuring risks are transformed into opportunities for project enhancement.

icon Financial Acumen

Engage in financial modeling with confidence, leveraging SEER-SEM’s capabilities to ensure cost-effectiveness at every turn.

Agile Estimation with SEER-SEM

Agile methodologies demand a different approach to estimation, and SEER-SEM delivers with features tailored for agile environments:

icon Benchmark Diverse Teams

Understand productivity across multiple teams and effectively benchmark performance.

icon Backlog Planning Insight

Gain clarity on the costs associated with all work phases, from Sprint-Zero to final User Acceptance Testing and beyond.

icon Sprint Estimates Generation

Leverage the SEER-SEM Agile Planner to determine achievable goals for each sprint, eliminating guesswork.

icon Project Transparency

Achieve unparalleled visibility into every software project parameter, staffing decision, schedule milestone, and risk driver.

Why SEER-SEM is the Choice for Software Cost Estimation Professionals

For decades, Galorath’s SEER-SEM has been the trusted partner for software professionals worldwide. From initial project scoping to final delivery, SEER-SEM’s predictive analytics and detailed insights ensure that every software initiative is set up for success.

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How TASC Leverages SEER-SEM to Measure Internal Software Solutions

As one of the nation’s largest privately held third-party benefits administrators, Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) was experiencing rapid growth of over 20% every year along with the company’s product development capabilities and capacity growing at a similar rate. TASC needed to measure productivity improvements within the software development team as they improved their development processes and implemented a new continuous software delivery model.

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Strategic Use Cases for SEER-SEM

Digital Transformation in Retail

In retail, every digital interface, from virtual try-ons to AI-driven shopping assistants, is crafted not just for user delight but also with strategic software cost management. With SEER-SEM, retailers can sculpt the future of shopping, ensuring every software integration is a blend of innovation and cost efficiency.

GreenTech and Sustainable Software

Software solutions not only drive efficiency but also sustainability. SEER-SEM empowers GreenTech initiatives to develop software that monitors, manages, and mitigates environmental impact, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

AI-Driven Healthcare Diagnostics

As AI grows in effectiveness and application, healthcare-specific algorithms can predict health anomalies before symptoms manifest. With SEER-SEM, healthcare institutions can develop and deploy these AI models quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring that every algorithm is optimized for accuracy while being mindful of development costs.

Crypto Wallets and Financial Sovereignty

As cryptocurrencies gain traction and acceptance, SEER-SEM aids fintech startups in developing robust and secure crypto wallets. Every feature, from multi-signature security to staking rewards, is designed with a clear understanding of its cost implications, ensuring users get the best and most secure user experience and minimizing potential corporate exposure.

Elevate Your Software Estimation with Galorath

Step into the future of software cost management with Galorath’s SEER product line. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, we offer more than just tools; we offer transformations. Elevate your capabilities with our training modules and lean on the expertise of our seasoned professionals.


Your Partner In Predictive Cost Analysis and Optimization

Redefine cost management with Galorath’s proven SEER product line, expert training, and world-class professional services.

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  • Expert Services: Leverage the expertise of our highly respected professional services group.

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