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Charting the Cosmos: Advanced Cost Estimation for Space Systems

Master the Economics of the Universe with SEER for Space

SEER for Space is your guiding star in the boundless frontier of space exploration. It simplifies the intricate maze of cost estimation and predictive analytics. From missions orbiting Earth to voyages into deep space, SEER for Space provides a tailored approach to space systems engineering. Whether pioneering innovative technologies, streamlining costs, or orchestrating ambitious missions, SEER for Space is your compass, offering a comprehensive perspective on cost dynamics.

SEER-SYS: The Vanguard of Systems Engineering Estimation

icon Predictive Analytics

Navigate future challenges with SEER for Space’s advanced algorithms and vast historical data.

icon Accurate Estimation

Trust SEER for Space’s extensive knowledge bases to deliver cost predictions that mirror real-world space challenges.

icon Technology Maturation

Calculate the cost implications of advancing existing technologies to fit new mission requirements.

icon Versatile Modeling

From Earth and deep space missions to orbiters, flybys, landers, and rovers, SEER for Space adapts to diverse space mission types.

icon Instrument Estimation

Model various instrument types, from radars and lasers to LIDARs and specialized telescope elements.

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Putting a Man on Mars: New Technology Requires New Cost Estimates


As NASA sets its sights on ambitious human missions to Mars, developing innovative technologies, such as crewed launch vehicles powered by nuclear thermal propulsion, becomes paramount. Faced with the challenge of estimating costs for such groundbreaking ventures without recent benchmarks, NASA turned to Galorath. Drawing from their work with NASA on the previously halted Constellation program and employing a semi-parametric method, Galorath crafted a credible cost estimate. This expertise underscored the feasibility of the Mars mission and ensured judicious resource allocation, fostering confidence in the mission’s success. Read article →


SEER for Space: The Trusted Partner of Space Visionaries

For those daring to push the boundaries of space, SEER for Space is the trusted navigator. Its unmatched insights and predictive prowess ensure that every space mission, whether in Earth’s orbit or exploring the cosmos, is a perfect fusion of innovation and fiscal prudence.

Embark on a Stellar Estimation Odyssey with Galorath

Journey through the intricacies of space systems cost management with Galorath’s SEER suite. We offer more than tools; we provide experiences that redefine industry paradigms. Sharpen your expertise with our training modules and gain insights from our seasoned space experts. Experience the SEER for Space advantage.


Your Partner In Predictive Cost Analysis and Optimization

Redefine cost management with Galorath’s proven SEER product line, expert training, and world-class professional services.

  • Reliability: Trust in SEER, our flagship predictive costing tool, backed by over four decades of industry experience.
  • Broad Training Scope: Enhance your skillset with our diverse cost-centric, analysis, and financial management courses.
  • Expert Services: Leverage the expertise of our highly respected professional services group.

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