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Elevating Projects with Unparalleled Professional Services

At the intersection of innovation and expertise lies Galorath’s Professional Services. We cater to the intricate requirements of both federal and private sector projects. Our legacy, built over four decades, is a testament to our commitment to transforming project visions into tangible successes.

Federal & Private Sector Organizations Count on Galorath:

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A Proven Methodology Rooted in Decades of Excellence

Galorath’s Professional Services organization is not just about delivering results but about setting new benchmarks in project management and cost estimation. A team, comprised of seasoned professionals, brings a wealth of industry experience. This vast reservoir of knowledge ensures that every project, whether a complex federal initiative or a private sector venture, benefits from insights that only 40+ years in the field can provide.


Consulting Services

Galorath consultants are senior professionals with extensive experience in project and cost management, as well as a deep understanding of SEER applications. Consultants can provide both limited engagement and “game-changing” services in a variety of disciplines, including project estimation, design-to-cost analysis, Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV), Earned Value Management (EVM), and estimation process improvement.


Engineering Services

Galorath provides a holistic approach to Engineering Services with experience that allows us to effectively address the conditions of cost and market change. With experts in a wide range of disciplines, we can bring real-world applications to clients of all sizes in all industries. Let Galorath be the missing piece to your most pressing estimation challenges. 


Federal Services

Galorath Federal was created to optimize the company’s ability to deliver the highest quality Federal acquisition services while mitigating any concerns over Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI). This separate entity ensures that government bodies understand the implications of substantial technical and financial decisions to execute complex projects with absolute confidence.


Data Science

Galorath consultants are at the cutting edge of predictive analytics theory and practice. Our consultants are proficient in machine learning techniques—including traditional regression analysis—that apply to numerous domains, including human resources, customer data, and healthcare. Combined with the advanced automation capabilities provided by our in-house development capabilities, Galorath is a world-class data science solutions provider.


Training & Support

Galorath’s instructors are experienced consultants with an intimate working knowledge of the SEER suite of products [link to Industry Solutions Overview page]. They are available to help clients get the most out of the tools to address real-life situations. Training is on-site at client facilities or our El Segundo, CA, or Alexandria, VA offices. Where more technical, specialized training and education are needed, SEER consultants can lend their insight and expertise. Focused training is available in Space Cost Estimation, Software Sizing Methods, and other domain-specific areas, with additional course development underway.

Professional Cost Optimization and Estimation Services for Every Project Need


Business Process

We don’t just identify inefficiencies; we redesign processes to drive productivity and growth.


Planning, Programming,

Our meticulous planning ensures that every project phase is aligned with your strategic goals.


Risk Management &

We transform risks into navigable challenges, ensuring projects remain on course even in turbulent times.


Cost Analysis and Studies

Beyond mere numbers, we provide insights that shape financial strategies, ensuring optimal resource allocation.


Proposal Analysis

Our evaluation provides the clarity needed to make informed decisions in a competitive landscape.


The Gold Standard in Cost Optimization Services

Our reputation precedes us. Esteemed organizations, from the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA to industry leaders in the private sector, have placed their trust in Galorath’s Professional Services. This trust stems from our unwavering commitment to excellence, ability to adapt to evolving project landscapes, and dedication to ensuring every project meets and surpasses expectations.

Contract Vehicles

At Galorath, we pride ourselves on our established relationships with federal and commercial entities. Our commitment to excellence and deep-rooted expertise in various sectors has enabled us to secure prime contracts with the federal government and master service agreements (MSAs) with numerous private companies.

Federal Prime Contracts

  • GSA Multiple Award Schedules: Our presence in the GSA Multiple Award Schedules, specifically 47QTCA19D00JW and 541330ENG, showcases our dedication to providing top-tier services that meet the stringent requirements of federal agencies.
  • SeaPort-NxG Contract: With our SeaPort-NxG Contract N0017819D7678, we further solidify our position as a trusted partner for naval and marine-based projects, ensuring quality and precision in every endeavor.


Our association with a broad spectrum of NAICS codes showcases Galorath’s versatility. Our primary affiliations include:

  • 5416: Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
  • 611: Administrative & General Management Consulting Services
  • 620: Environmental Consulting Services
  • 690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Additionally, we are equipped to cater to diverse project needs with ten other available NAICS codes.

Your Vision. Our Expertise. Let’s Build Success Together.

Every project is a journey, and with Galorath by your side, it’s a journey towards assured success. Our expertise becomes your asset, our insights your guiding light. Let’s collaborate to turn your project visions into remarkable realities.