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Pioneering Manufacturing Cost Estimation with Precision Analytics

Drive Efficiency and Savings in Manufacturing with SEER-MFG

In the intricate manufacturing world, SEER for Manufacturing (SEER-MFG) is your strategic advantage, transforming how you estimate costs and predict outcomes. Catering to diverse manufacturing types, SEER-MFG ensures your projects are timely, budget-friendly, and of supreme quality. Bring cost into focus and make speed-to-market and should-cost your priorities with SEER-MFG.

SEER-MFG: The Future of Manufacturing Estimation

icon Predictive Analytics

Anticipate future costs and streamline production efforts, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

icon Accurate Estimation

Minimize wastage and maximize efficiency with pinpoint precise cost estimations, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

icon Process Evaluation

Make informed decisions by evaluating various manufacturing process options, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost savings.

icon Material & Production Modeling

Model multiple materials and production processes to determine your optimum and most cost-effective approach.

icon Detailed Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Gain a granular view of tasks, ensuring every project detail is strategically planned and executed.

icon Risk Analysis Tools

Proactively address potential challenges, turning risks into opportunities for project enhancement.

icon Labor and Resource Forecasting

Optimize your team’s efforts by predicting labor hours and ticket volumes, ensuring resources are utilized efficiently.

icon Cloud and Infrastructure Costing

Make informed decisions on cloud migrations and infrastructure investments, maximizing ROI.

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"SEER Cost Analysis Platform provides a robust estimating tool for manufacturing. We are in the aerospace industry and the ability to estimate the standard hour content and apply learning curves is very critical. SEER accomplishes this very efficiently. It is the most complete estimating package that i have been exposed to. It was very easy to install and begin estimating quickly. The customer support is the best i have experienced with any software package."

Brian Costa, Head of Industrial Engineering / OE at Qarbon Aerospace

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“The software drives cost centric behaviors across the organization and nothing in the market is on the leading edge like SEER Software suite.”

Javier Leonardo P., Affordability Systems Staff Engineer

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“We have been using SEER MFG, and the 3D platform for composite, sheet metal, wiring harnesses, machining and others since at least 2012. What we like is the coverage of multiple manufacturing processes, the ease to customize, and the excellent service support from Galorath. Since introducing the 3D platform, we have gained a lot of speed, providing a different estimation, and it is even easier to use. We recommend 100% the use of this software for cost estimation.”

Alain G., Enterprise client

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“Knowledge bases based on historical NASA, AF, and Commercial Satellite contractors that are easy to use and select from program office technical parameters. It is easy to incorporate into the Automated Cost & Integrating tool to include other program costs and complete what-ifs for almost any scenario. Outstanding to say based on the industry average and have any challenges have to answer why it is more or less than the industry.”

Robert Moreland, Project Management Enterprise Integration at NASA

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SEER-MFG Extensions: Integrating with CATIA & 3D CAD Models


SEER seamlessly integrates with CATIA to derive detailed cost estimates, ensuring your designs are innovative and cost-effective. Update and refresh estimates as the design matures through the manufacturing preparation design phase.


Generate costs from any CAD system to get manufacturing and assembly costs accurately and efficiently into the hands of Designers, Cost Engineers, and Supply Chain. SEER 3D offers:

  • Detailed cost estimates directly within CATIA for composite, machined, and sheet metal part designs.
  • The ability to evaluate cost-saving alternatives while still meeting design requirements.
  • The power to explore unique design options and quickly assess the feasibility of manufacturing.
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BHP: Galorath Estimation Framework Identified the Cost to Build a Smart Mine

To better understand the cost of the multi-billion-dollar project, BHP requested Galorath to help generate an estimate for the Jansen Mine data infrastructure. However, this is far from a typical data center. Covering over 9600 square kilometers in size, the Jansen Mine will be an innovative and integrated smart city – underground.

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Strategic Use Cases for SEER-MFG

Precision in Aerospace Manufacturing

With SEER-MFG, aerospace components are built for the skies and grounded in cost efficiency. Define benchmarks, select the best materials, and ensure every component is a testament to precision and budgetary foresight.

Revolutionizing Electronics Production

With SEER-MFG, electronics manufacturing is seamlessly integrated with cost predictions. The transition between production methods, negotiating contracts with clarity, and ensuring every electronic marvel is also a triumph of cost management.

Automotive Excellence with Every Drive

With SEER-MFG, every vehicle component is optimized for cost, ensuring that every drive is not just about performance but also cost-effective production—driving down waste while improving efficiency, sustainability, and reducing corporate carbon footprint.

Designing the Drones of Tomorrow

In a world where drones redefine boundaries, SEER-MFG’s integration with CATIA ensures that these flying wonders are about innovation and strategic cost estimation.

Crafting Optics with Foresight

With SEER 3D, dive deep into design options visually, ensuring that the world sees not just through precision optics but also through the lens of cost efficiency. Actionable visuals allow for interactive cost optimization and drive more accurate project estimates.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Estimation Game with Galorath

Embrace the future of manufacturing cost management and gain a competitive edge with Galorath’s SEER suite. With a storied legacy, we provide more than just tools; we deliver transformative experiences. Enhance your expertise with our training modules and benefit from the knowledge of our seasoned professionals. Experience the SEER-MFG advantage.


Your Partner In Predictive Cost Analysis and Optimization

Redefine cost management with Galorath’s proven SEER product line, expert training, and world-class professional services.

  • Reliability: Trust in SEER, our flagship predictive costing tool, backed by over four decades of industry experience.
  • Broad Training Scope: Enhance your skillset with our diverse cost-centric, analysis, and financial management courses.
  • Expert Services: Leverage the expertise of our highly respected professional services group.

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