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The Power of SEER® by Galorath

Unlocking the Future of Project Estimation and Management

In an ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements and project complexities, SEER by Galorath stands as a beacon of precision, foresight, and expertise for should-cost/will-cost analysis, project cost estimation, and cost optimization. But SEER isn’t just about helping you better estimate your project costs; it’s about shaping the future of your projects with unparalleled insight and confidence, allowing your organization to launch products and product updates to market faster and with a keen eye on staying on or under budget.

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"SEER Cost Analysis Platform provides a robust estimating tool for manufacturing. We are in the aerospace industry and the ability to estimate the standard hour content and apply learning curves is very critical. SEER accomplishes this very efficiently. It is the most complete estimating package that i have been exposed to. It was very easy to install and begin estimating quickly. The customer support is the best i have experienced with any software package."

Brian Costa, Head of Industrial Engineering / OE at Qarbon Aerospace

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“The software drives cost centric behaviors across the organization and nothing in the market is on the leading edge like SEER Software suite.”

Javier Leonardo P., Affordability Systems Staff Engineer

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“We have been using SEER MFG, and the 3D platform for composite, sheet metal, wiring harnesses, machining and others since at least 2012. What we like is the coverage of multiple manufacturing processes, the ease to customize, and the excellent service support from Galorath. Since introducing the 3D platform, we have gained a lot of speed, providing a different estimation, and it is even easier to use. We recommend 100% the use of this software for cost estimation.”

Alain G., Enterprise client

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“Knowledge bases based on historical NASA, AF, and Commercial Satellite contractors that are easy to use and select from program office technical parameters. It is easy to incorporate into the Automated Cost & Integrating tool to include other program costs and complete what-ifs for almost any scenario. Outstanding to say based on the industry average and have any challenges have to answer why it is more or less than the industry.”

Robert Moreland, Project Management Enterprise Integration at NASA

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A Comprehensive Cost Analysis Suite Tailored to Your Needs

Information Technology

Elevate IT project planning with SEER’s data-driven cost estimation tools. Seamlessly align IT strategies with actionable insights for optimized outcomes.

Learn about SEER for Information Technology


Navigate the intricacies of software development costing with SEER’s comprehensive analytics. Ensure every software development and maintenance initiative is on track for success.

Discover the power of SEER for Software


Drive hardware projects from concept to completion with SEER’s industry-leading cost prediction models. Ensure every hardware initiative is rooted in data-driven insights.

Discover SEER-H


Revolutionize manufacturing processes with SEER’s advanced cost analysis tools. Streamline every stage for maximum efficiency and market success.

Learn more about SEER-MFG

Systems Engineering

Elevate systems engineering projects with SEER’s cost optimization solutions. Dive deep into system intricacies for unparalleled budgetary precision.

Read more about SEER-SYS


Chart space missions with SEER’s state-of-the-art cost estimation techniques. Ensure every space endeavor is guided by industry-best insights.

Learn about SEER for Space

Beyond Software: A Commitment to Partnership

With SEER by Galorath, you’re not just adopting a tool but entering a partnership. Our commitment to innovation and relentless support ensures that every challenge you encounter becomes our mission to solve. From software and support to solutions-as-a-service, we offer a spectrum of paths tailored to your unique needs.

Experience the SEER Difference

SEER by Galorath isn’t just about numbers; it’s about value. With SEER, you’re not just meeting project goals but exceeding them. It’s about ensuring that every project, regardless of its scale or domain, is optimized for success. It’s about giving stakeholders the insights they need to make informed decisions. Experience the transformative potential of SEER and set your projects on the path to success.

A Legacy of Excellence

Galorath has been at the forefront of project estimation and management for over four decades. Our journey began with a vision to transform the industry, leading to the birth of the SEER platform. Over the years, SEER has evolved, adapting to industry changes and continuously setting the standard in project estimation. Our rich history is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.