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Transforming Systems Engineering with Data-Driven Cost Estimation

Unlock Efficiency and Precision in Systems Engineering with SEER-SYS

In the dynamic landscape of systems engineering, SEER-SYS is your strategic advantage, ensuring your projects are innovative and cost-effective. Navigate the complexities of diverse engineering environments confidently, knowing SEER-SYS is by your side. SEER for Systems Engineering (SEER-SYS) transforms how you estimate costs and predict outcomes. SEER-SYS provides a comprehensive approach to systems engineering cost estimation from airborne systems to space missions and ground-based projects. Whether you’re defining high-level requirements, optimizing costs, or developing detailed project plans, SEER-SYS is with you step-by-step.


SEER-SYS: The Vanguard of Systems Engineering Estimation

icon Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead in your projects by tapping into SEER-SYS’s powerful algorithms and vast historical data, turning insights into actionable strategies.

icon Accurate Estimation

Trust in SEER-SYS’s robust knowledge bases to deliver cost estimations that resonate with real-world scenarios, ensuring you’re always on target.

icon System Size Characterization

Define system size based on requirements, interfaces, algorithms, and operational scenarios tailored specifically for systems engineering projects.

icon Trade Studies

SEER-SYS allows you to perform in-depth trade studies, identifying the effect of different program decisions on the systems engineering effort required.

icon Reuse Impact Evaluation

With SEER-SYS, evaluate the cost and effort implications of reusing existing system components versus innovative designs.

icon Budget Consistency

Develop systems engineering budgets consistent with industry standards like ISO-15288 and ANSI-632.

icon Estimation Scope

SEER-SYS is designed to estimate systems of all sizes, from component level to System-of-Systems, ensuring a comprehensive approach to systems engineering cost estimation


Why SEER-SYS is the Go-To for Systems Engineering Professionals

Across the globe, systems engineering leaders turn to SEER-SYS, not just for its advanced capabilities but for the assurance of project success, efficiency, and cost savings it consistently delivers. From the inception of a project to its completion, the predictive analytics and profound insights SEER-SYS provides ensure that every systems engineering endeavor is set for success.

SEER-SYS Knowledge Bases: Tailored for Precision

SEER-SYS boasts diverse Knowledge Bases, ensuring your estimates are grounded in historical data and industry standards. SEER-SYS provides a tailored approach to systems engineering cost estimation from environments like Air-Manned and Space-Unmanned to system levels like Major Systems and Component.

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"The secret sauce that has been underutilized." SEER drives cost-centric behaviors across organizations, standing out as a leading-edge solution. The software's ability to create equations allows users to evaluate part/assembly topology and project costs based on specific ground rules and assumptions. The results? Significant hard and soft savings across the board."

Affordability Systems Staff Engineer, Enterprise Company

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"SEER Cost Analysis Platform provides a robust estimating tool for manufacturing. We are in the aerospace industry and the ability to estimate the standard hour content and apply learning curves is very critical. SEER accomplishes this very efficiently. It is the most complete estimating package that i have been exposed to. It was very easy to install and begin estimating quickly. The customer support is the best i have experienced with any software package."

Brian Costa, Head of Industrial Engineering / OE at Qarbon Aerospace

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“The software drives cost centric behaviors across the organization and nothing in the market is on the leading edge like SEER Software suite.”

Javier Leonardo P., Affordability Systems Staff Engineer

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“We have been using SEER MFG, and the 3D platform for composite, sheet metal, wiring harnesses, machining and others since at least 2012. What we like is the coverage of multiple manufacturing processes, the ease to customize, and the excellent service support from Galorath. Since introducing the 3D platform, we have gained a lot of speed, providing a different estimation, and it is even easier to use. We recommend 100% the use of this software for cost estimation.”

Alain G., Enterprise client

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“Knowledge bases based on historical NASA, AF, and Commercial Satellite contractors that are easy to use and select from program office technical parameters. It is easy to incorporate into the Automated Cost & Integrating tool to include other program costs and complete what-ifs for almost any scenario. Outstanding to say based on the industry average and have any challenges have to answer why it is more or less than the industry.”

Robert Moreland, Project Management Enterprise Integration at NASA

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Elevate Your Systems Engineering Estimation with Galorath

Embark on a transformative journey in systems engineering cost management with Galorath’s SEER suite. Beyond tools, we promise experiences that redefine industry benchmarks. With our rich legacy, we provide advanced solutions and ensure you’re equipped with the insights and expertise to lead in your domain. Benefit from our training modules and the knowledge of our seasoned professionals. Experience the SEER-SYS advantage.


Your Partner In Predictive Cost Analysis and Optimization

Redefine cost management with Galorath’s proven SEER product line, expert training, and world-class professional services.

  • Reliability: Trust in SEER, our flagship predictive costing tool, backed by over four decades of industry experience.
  • Broad Training Scope: Enhance your skillset with our diverse cost-centric, analysis, and financial management courses.
  • Expert Services: Leverage the expertise of our highly respected professional services group.

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