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May 22 – 11:00 am EST

Best Practices for Implementing a Mature Cost Estimation Capability

Join our upcoming webinar to master the art of cost estimation, presented by Galorath's Senior Software & Hardware Consultant, Esteban Sanchez. Learn how a mix of skilled individuals, effective tools, and streamlined processes can enhance your capabilities. We'll explore Galorath’s 40 years of expertise and introduce The Cost Estimation Maturity Framework to drive your organization's success.

Endorsed by Global Industry Leaders
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Key Learnings

  • Deep Understanding of Cost Estimation Maturity: Explore the core concepts & criteria that define cost estimation maturity and its significance in improving efficiency and budget predictability. 
  • Introduction to the Galorath Cost Estimation Maturity Framework: Learn how this framework assists organizations in assessing their current practices and guides them towards developing a mature cost estimation capability. 
  • Benefits of Continuous Improvement: Understand the long-term advantages of continuously refining estimation processes to meet evolving organizational needs and ensure sustainable benefits. 
  • Real-World Application and Benefits: Gain insights from a case study of a large federal organization that has successfully implemented mature cost estimation processes, illustrating the benefits such as enhanced budget accuracy & project success. 
Esteban Sanchez

Esteban is a senior software and hardware consultant from Galorath. He has an engineering degree in electronics and a masters in IT administration and project management. Esteban is a recognized expert on software and hardware sizing and estimation. He is the chair of IFPUG Sizing Standards Committee, PMP and Scrum Master certified. More importantly, Esteban has collected lots of experience and knowledge by helping customers around the world do estimates.

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