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SEER for Software (SEER-SEM)

You Want A Successful
Software Project

Few things are as risky as estimating, planning, analyzing, and managing complex software projects.

SEER for Software gives you the ability to:

  • Establish realistic expectations for your traditional and agile software projects.
  • Control Costs throughout the software lifecycle.
  • See, manage, and mitigate risk up front.
  • Cloud Deployment or On-Premises

You’re Familiar With The Multiple Risks Of Software Development

Software projects tend to start with high optimism and end up feeling like trench warfare. A high number of variables and lack of information put profit and success at risk.

You cannot see and assess all the project variables in time to change the outcome.

You cannot produce credible and defensible cost and schedule estimates. You’re doing guesstimates not estimates.

You don’t have insights of relevant industry data as a starting point. This puts you at a disadvantage for estimates and proposals.

There is nothing like SEER available elsewhere. It’s been a game-changer for us that has given us the competitive edge we’ve been looking for.

Successful Software Projects From Kickoff through maintenance

SEER for Software allows your team to use data to “see into the future”.

  • SEER’s insight from relevant industry data gives you the ability to make informed decisions early in the process. You don’t have to accumulate your own database.
  • You can develop reliable software estimates based on data from competitors, government, and previous proposals in the industry.
  • With SEER, it’s easy to quickly evaluate alternatives before spending any money. Make tradeoffs to determine the best decisions for ROI.

Make Confident Software Decisions Based On Predictive Analytics

SEER for Software informs your decisions during the whole software development and maintenance life cycle.

  • Price To Win is a lot easier because you’re not guessing. Understand what the customer wants, and what they are willing to pay. Evaluate what the competition might be doing. Make informed decisions that protect your profit margin.
  • Base bids and proposals on real historical data. Have a high degree of confidence about costs. Save time and money with a more efficient decision making process.
  • Review a portfolio or set of activities and better estimate, analyze, and evaluate them. Make informed decisions about which ones you want to complete. Have insight into multiple milestones, budgets, schedules, and labor decisions from a “bird’s eye” view.

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Agile Program Benefits

Some people think Agile programs eliminate the need for software estimates.

For small programs, that is probably true. For programs of any substance, where costs must be budgeted or schedule commitments are critical, an upfront estimate of the cost and schedule of an Agile software development project provides benefits, such as:

  1. Predictability: Even in Agile projects, having an estimate of cost and schedule can provide some level of predictability. This can help stakeholders understand the project’s expected timeline and budget and help set appropriate expectations.
  2. Budget planning: Having an upfront estimate can help with budget planning and the allocation of resources. This can be particularly important for Agile projects where the scope of work can change frequently.
  3. Prioritization: An estimate can help prioritize features and work items based on their estimated effort and cost. This can help teams decide which features to focus on and which to delay or deprioritize.
  4. Risk management: An upfront estimate can help identify potential risks and uncertainties, which can be incorporated into the Agile process to help mitigate risks and adjust plans accordingly.
  5. Stakeholder management: An estimate can help with stakeholder management by providing transparency and clarity around the expected timeline and budget for the project.
  6. Continuous improvement: By tracking actual costs and schedules against the estimates, Agile teams can identify areas for improvement and adjust their estimation techniques and processes for future projects.

In summary, an upfront estimate of cost and schedule in Agile software development can provide predictability, aid in budget planning and resource allocation, help prioritize work, manage risks, facilitate stakeholder management, and enable continuous improvement.

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