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SEER for Manufacturing (SEER-MFG)

Gain Deeper Insights
To Optimize Your Profit Margin

Be the one to WIN in manufacturing. SEER for Manufacturing is a planning/management tool that gives robust insight into the future.

SEER for Manufacturing gives you the ability to:

  • Quickly, easily, and accurately assess options and risks, and plan accordingly.
  • Be prepared to proactively take action to maintain schedule and profit.
  • Deliver on your commitments through clear understanding of your scope.
  • Works in 2d or 3d cost modeling.
  • Cloud Deployment or On-Premises

Predict The Future Accurately

Manufacturing is an extremely risky business.
You have to account for many variables in the costs of labor, tooling, and materials. When you don’t have visibility on costs up front, profit is at risk.

If your cost information is not timely or accurate, it could lead to bad judgment calls.

When you can’t see what effect your everyday decisions have on profit, you can’t protect your margins.

Procurement and sales are hampered when they can’t trust the estimated figures.

With minimal information, we’re getting accurate estimates in an hour or two now, rather than weeks or months.

Put Cost Into Focus And Make Winning And Profit Your Priorities

SEER for Manufacturing is designed to enable users to:

  • Quickly run analyses of cost, effort-to-produce, and other baseline factors.
  • Accurately estimate costs associated with product manufacture and assembly.
  • Evaluate various manufacturing process options and tradeoffs throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Model multiple materials and production processes to determine your optimum and most cost-effective approach.

Make Confident Manufacturing And Sourcing Decisions

SEER for Manufacturing allows you to fine-tune manufacturing options for nearly any product.

  • Lower manufacturing costs, and increase the efficiency of manufacturing operations.
  • Evaluate shop floor and sourcing options at every stage of the product cycle starting with early concept and design.
  • Use output from SEER-Manufacturing as a competitive advantage to negotiate effectively with suppliers.

SEER-3D Cost From 3D CAD Models

SEER-3D generates costs from any CAD system to accurately and efficiently get manufacturing and assembly cost into the hands of Designers, Cost Engineers, and Supply Chain – so all can quantify cost directly from CAD models.

  • Up to 70% of the life cycle cost of a new product is determined during the design phase.
  • Evaluate cost saving alternatives while still meeting design requirements
  • Know how each design alternative or trade will impact costs, suppliers and time to market.

Make versus buy, vendor selection, material selection can be evaluated for these major process areas:

  • Assembly
  • Sheet Metal
  • Machining
  • Composites
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Mold/Cast/Forge

SEER-3D Design For Manufacturability

SEER-3D’s Design for manufacturability (DFM) capability improves time to market, improves quality, and reduces costs even further by:

  • Identify issues earlier before the product goes into production., reducing
    defect risk and supporting quality standards
  • Reduce production costs by identifying potential manufacturing issues early in design, and reducing rework or redesigns later on, reducing production costs and improving profitability
  • Faster time to market by streamlining production, helping stay competitive, and responding more quickly to changing market conditions
  • Explore different design options and quickly assess the feasibility for manufacturing.
  • Better collaboration between design and manufacturing teams, and helping less experienced staff catch issues earlier.

SEER For CATIA V 5 & 6

Galorath Incorporated is partnered with Dassault Systems to integrate SEER for Manufacturing with CATIA, the world’s leading application for product design and novation, to estimate the costs of Composites, Sheet Metal, and Machining.

For many companies, cost estimating is a very fragmented activity and the inclusion SEER’s Ply Cost Estimator in CATIA will allow manufacturers to initially model d test composite manufacturing processes and tradeoffs during the earliest stages design.

Galorath’s SEER software has been assisting cost estimation and planning for years. A key benefit of SEER is that it is based on parametric modeling of manufacturing processes using industry data and best practices.

  • Create detailed composite part cost estimates for labor (setup, direct, inspection, rework), material, and tooling costs from inside CATIA
  • Update and refresh estimates as the design matures through the manufacturing preparation design phase
  • Create and save multiple estimate scenarios for each part to compare and
    trade options
  • Comprehensive composite part cost estimates covering processes

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