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SEER® products offer Knowledge Based Estimation to support project planning and execution. These tools enable organizations to establish a clear understanding through every stage of a project by helping to manage expectations and ensure a project stays on budget and on schedule.

SEER For Software

Project and maintenance costs for traditional or agile application development. Analyze the cost of requirements, trade-off design options, assess risk, and more. Successful projects start with realistic plans.

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SEER For Hardware, Electronics and Systems

The total cost of ownership for hardware components, systems, and integrated product assemblies. Inform decision making, evaluate design impacts, and assess risks.

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Project and ongoing support costing for all information technology and digital ecosystem strategies. Improve success rates on complex IT projects, understand how solution design impacts costs, and assess risks effectively.

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SEER For Manufacturing

Process-based manufacturing costing for parts and assemblies. Supports design-to-cost studies, should-cost negotiation, or rapid costing from 3D-models. Gain competitive advantage and increase profit through understanding part costs.

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SEER For Systems Engineering

Systems engineering costing based on system architecture and requirements. Understand how architecture drives costs, assess the impacts of alternative solutions, and evaluate risks.

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SEER For Space

Space mission costing for spacecraft, payloads, and instruments. Understand how spacecraft design drives cost, evaluate the impacts of technology insertion, and evaluate risks.

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Galorath Design Principles

While each SEER product is crafted to solve a unique set of challenges, all are built upon the same core design principles:


Creating estimates should be fast and easy so you can spend more time making informed decisions.


Create an objective and consistent estimation process at the organization level or for small groups.

Knowledge Based

All products offer estimation rates, factors, and equations driven by industry metrics that can jumpstart your estimation process. This can be supplemented with your own metrics as you grow your own knowledge base.


Can be tailored to an organization’s processes, technologies and methods while learning from past experience.


An intuitive approach for defining and describing projects, using project patterns and templates that are familiar to your organization.


Supports a wide range of technologies, project and application types, and methodologies.

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