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SEER® for Software Now Incorporates the Data-Centric DOD SRDR Dataset

  • Galorath
  • December 4, 2017

El Segundo, Calif.—December 4, 2017— Galorath Incorporated, a California-based software and professional services firm whose customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, announces an exciting development for its SEER® for Software (aka SEER-SEM™) application.

SEER for Software now incorporates the data-centric DoD SRDR dataset. Galorath has prepared a SEER-formatted historical database (SEER-HD) and a set of specialized knowledge bases that incorporate the sanitized version of the DoD SRDR database.

The update will enable DoD users of SEER for Software to leverage SEER-SEM capabilities using a familiar dataset. This database can now be used directly in SEER-SEM for estimating, sizing, or simply for crosschecking.

The included set of Platform knowledge bases contain parameters that reflect the productivities found in the SRDR datasets – and estimates using these knowledge bases can be further refined by directly selecting specific data points. The individual data points can be viewed and plots of the data are provided along with the SEER-SEM estimate. This makes for easy sharing and avoids issues associated with proprietary or sensitive data.

“One of the great strengths of parametric cost estimating has always been the capability to refine parametric models with new data that was not part of the basis for the original Cost Estimating Relationships in the model,” said Dr. Joe Hamaker, Galorath’s Director of NASA Programs. “This lets us use all the cool features of a model like SEER-SEM, but with the awareness of how the model’s core predictions stack up against some of “our own” data. This release of SEER-SEM with the ability to do this with the SRDR database including knowledge bases predicated on the SRDR data, is the best implementation that I have ever seen in parametric cost estimating and is an inspiration to those of us trying to do something similar with other SEER models.”

Galorath’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Christian Smart, echoes the importance of this development: “SEER-SEM now includes a large new dataset that is pertinent to the DoD and NASA cost estimating communities both in relevancy and currency. The inclusion of this dataset provides SEER-SEM users with several benefits. It provides users a way to cross-check SEER-SEM estimates with recent and pertinent data. The capability to view the historical data in a trendline format adds a valuable dimension to a simple comparison of the estimate to the actual cost. The ability to use the new data in the knowledge base to generate inputs will enable the development of estimates early in a program’s life-cycle and provide benefits for use in analysis of alternative studies. All in all, the inclusion of this dataset makes SEER-SEM an invaluable tool in software cost estimating for the DoD and NASA cost estimating communities.”

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