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Redefining Software Estimation: The Power of NLP in Agile Projects 

Discover the future of software estimation in our on-demand webinar. Dive deep into the innovative intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Agile software estimation, presented by Galorath and ScopeMaster.

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Key insights

Enhance your knowledge on these crucial software methodologies and trends:

  • Understand the complexities of sizing agile projects.
  • Learn how Natural Language Processing is changing the way we interpret user stories.
  • Learn the importance and methods of using functional size for accurate software estimation.
  • Grasp the relationship and implications between size and uncertainty in software projects.


About Our Presenters

Colin Hammond

As the Founder and CEO of ScopeMaster, Colin has over 35 years of IT industry experience. By first understanding the principles of software development work, it is possible to identify techniques and metrics that actually work. It was this insight that stimulated him to develop the groundbreaking tool ScopeMaster that automates hitherto manually intensive work.


Karen McRitchie

Karen McRitchie has been with Galorath Incorporated for 30 years and leads all work related to the SEER product line. She comes from a software development and mathematical modeling background and has worked in all domains of cost estimation. As an advocate for costing professionals, she seeks new and innovative methods to improve the state of the cost estimating and analysis practice.


Esteban Sanchez

Mr. Esteban Sanchez is a senior software and hardware consultant from Galorath. He has an engineering degree in electronics and a masters in IT administration and project management. Esteban is a recognized expert on software and hardware sizing and estimation. He is the chair of IFPUG Sizing Standards Committee, PMP and Scrum Master certified. More importantly, Esteban has collected lots of experience and knowledge by helping customers around the world do estimates.