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Galorath Federal: Database Development and Data Analysis

Galorath Federal supported the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Cost and Economics (ODASA-CE) for development of databases and analysis of data for Missiles & Munitions and Wheeled & Tracked systems. These efforts provide the Army with technical support services in the concentrated areas of cost and economic analysis of major weapon system programs. The primary focus of this support is for the updating and maintaining of the Missiles and Munitions Automated Cost Database (M&M ACDB) and conducting related cost analysis and research.

Galorath has been collecting/analyzing data, building methodologies, and performing all manner of cost estimates for major defense programs for decades. Recent and on-going efforts include:

  1. Army Missiles and Munitions Automated Cost Database (ACDB) and research
  2. Wheeled and Tracked Vehicle Cost Research – IRAD resulting in a commercially available WTV cost estimating model
  3. Global Positioning System (GPS) Cost Analysis and Research – Subcontractor to Tecolote Research
  4. Space Based Infrared Radar Systems (SBIRS) Cost Analysis and Research – Subcontractor to Tecolote Research

The tasks for these efforts included updating, maintaining and analyzing approximately 2,000 cost and technical data records within the Army’s Automated Cost Database (ACDB). Galorath accomplished data collection and normalization; developing Cost Estimating Relationships (CER), Cost-Performance Estimating Relationships (CPERS), and associated new cost sub-models and costing methodologies; performing special cost analysis research (e.g. insensitive munitions study); developing and conducting training for the government; and providing all relevant reporting and supporting documentation.

Galorath Federal collected cost, schedule, technical, and programmatic data on missiles and munitions that were to be incorporated into the ACDB. The data originated from a variety of data sources (e.g. Defense Automated Cost Information System (DACIMS)) to include Contractor Cost Data Reports (CCDRs), Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDRs), Software Resource Data Reports (SRDRs), and other data sources provided by the Government. Galorath Federal consolidates the data; updates and normalizes the data to ensure data quality and consistency (e.g. nomenclature, dates, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Cost Element Structure (CES) designations), and corrects any other errors or issues, including identifying out-of-date contractor information.

Galorath was required to successfully execute Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) representing over one hundred organizations covering dozens of weapons systems. The weapons systems developers are not directly incentivized in any way to enter into NDAs for this contract and a result, securing NDAs became a challenge

Successful Outcome:

As a long-term Department of Defense cost research and model development company, Galorath aggressively employed corporate resources and leveraged its preexisting relationships with weapons developers to secure the required NDAs. As a result of our data collection and analysis, the DoD was able to complie classified data systems that were successfully utilized in acquisition planning and contract negotiations, resulting in improved financial performance.

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