SEER for Software (SEER-SEM)

Estimating, planning, analyzing and managing complex software projects feels like trailblazing through a dense jungle without a map. SEER-SEM can provide a clear picture of what lies ahead for traditional or Agile software development.

Product Highlights

  • Reduce Uncertainty with Accurate Forecasts: Forecast real-world outcomes by estimating software project costs, schedule, effort, reliability, and risk. Tailor to your organization’s processes, technologies and methods while learning from past experience.
  • Lead the Project with Detailed, Achievable Project Plans: Produce credible and defendable cost and schedule estimates equipped with industry data to produce actionable project plans to drive the project to completion.
  • See Around the Curves for Superior Project Monitoring and Control: Gain foresight of development drivers such as defect discovery and removal rates and scope creep to become transparent, predictable, and manageable.
  • Boost Confidence with Verifiable Reasonableness: Capture benchmark data and apply it at any level to make estimates for each new project more accurate than the last.


SEER for Software gives clients the most robust toolset in the industry to better estimate, analyze, evaluate and control project costs, schedules, and risks. This proprietary software has been used to accurately estimate thousands of projects across dozens of industries, giving clients the ability to leverage our 30+ years of extensive estimation experience with the click of just a few buttons.

From project start to completion, SEER-SEM is there to help take the question marks out of your software projects. It gives organizational leaders the insights they need to better understand and control costs and timelines while highlighting the ultimate value, or lack thereof of the final outcome. SEER-SEM even allows you to add your own data points on top of our database to provide a more customized estimation of a given project.

Apply a proven and consistent approach by harnessing the power of SEER-SEM to make sound, confident decisions before investing time and resources into your next software project.

Product Extensions

Microsoft Project Integration

Automatically construct a complete project plan from enterprise specific templates using your SEER project estimate. 

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Provide project managers with progress tracking, status indication, performance-based forecasting, and support for analyzing course correction tradeoffs. 

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Estimate and Size by Comparison

Define project scope via visual pairwise comparison. 

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Enterprise Database

Collaborate from a centralized workflow environment to organize and control SEER estimates. 

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Create estimates from completed projects using key technical and performance criteria, employing case-based reasoning methods. 

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Agile Planner

Provide backlog product estimation with greater visibility to the cost, schedule, effort, risk, and reliability of software development. Generate team-independent velocity expectations and identify optimal team sizes for sprint planning.

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Metrics Analysis & Benchmarking

Graphically visualize and sanity check estimates by comparing to historical data points. 

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Data Driven Estimate Extension

Use discrete data points for US Government DoD internal confidence. 

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SEER-SEM Browser

Produce or review local or cloud-hosted estimates from your browser. 

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Estimate Central

Use graphical evaluation of an enterprise or portfolio for cost, labor or FTEs to understand staffing or budget requirements.

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TASC: Leveraging SEER-SEM to Measure Internal Software Solutions

To handle the company’s rapid growth of over 20% every year, TASC needed to better measure productivity improvements within their software development team. SEER-SEM provided the perfect solution to help them monitor effectiveness and create a more efficient process across the entire team.

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