Live Webinar - Galorath AI: Exclusive Pre-Launch Event

Galorath at ICEAA 2024: Elevating the Art of Cost Estimation 

We're thrilled to announce our participation as sponsors and exhibitors at the prestigious ICEAA 2024 Professional Development & Training Workshop. This year, we are not only showcasing our latest innovations and insights in cost estimation and analysis at Booth #18 but also offering a sneak peek into our groundbreaking launch event.

Global organizations count on Galorath for keen insights into cost optimization and should-cost analysis:



Exclusive Webinar Preview: Galorath AI Launch at ICEAA

In anticipation of our major launch at the ICEAA workshop, we’re hosting an exclusive webinar, Galorath AI: Revolutionizing Cost Estimation. Led by Charles Orlando, Galorath’s VP of Global Marketing, this session will provide an early glimpse into how artificial intelligence, machine learning, prompt engineering, and large language models are set to transform cost estimation in industries such as manufacturing, software, hardware, space, and military.

Don’t miss this chance to preview our innovative solutions before the official unveiling at ICEAA.

Join One of Our Featured Speaking Sessions

Dive deep into the trends and methodologies that are shaping our industry. Don’t miss our engaging sessions:

1. Priceless Culture: Crafting a Culture for the Future of Work
With Cassidy Shevlin and Wyatt Beaman
Discover the pillars of a thriving organizational culture. Learn how leadership, communication, and a shared purpose create a workspace ready for the future.
Session Details: Soft Skills & Trending Topics (SST03)

2. Simplified Software Estimation: Updated on Advancements and Trends
With Curtis Chase and Carol Dekkers
Get up to speed with the latest in software estimation. This session will walk you through advancements that enhance accuracy and efficiency in software project planning.
Session Details: Software Track (SWR03)


Connect with Us

Stop by Booth #18 for an in-depth look at how Galorath is leading innovation in cost estimation and project management. Our team is ready to share insights, answer your questions, and explore ways we can collaborate. 

We look forward to welcoming you at ICEAA Workshop 2024 – the future stage for cost estimation and analysis excellence.