Live Webinar - Galorath AI: Exclusive Pre-Launch Event

Webinar: Embracing The Opportunities of AI in Cost Estimation 

Join Galorath and The Society of Cost Engineers for an exclusive webinar that will transform your thinking about cost estimation. With the expertise of Fritz Wüthrich, a renowned thought leader in the Digital and IT space, this session is your gateway to mastering AI in cost estimation.

Global organizations count on Galorath for keen insights into cost optimization and should-cost analysis:



Key Learnings

  • Expert Insights: Fritz Wüthrich brings over 30 years of experience in global digitalization projects. His work in AI, IoT, and Cyberphysical systems has set new standards in the industry.  
  • Practical Strategies: Learn how to apply AI in your cost estimation processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.  
  • Risk Management: Understand the potential risks associated with AI and how to effectively mitigate them.  
  • Interactive Q&A: Have your questions answered live, providing direct access to industry-leading expertise.

About Our Presenter

Fritz Wüthrich, Head of International Markets

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Fritz is an accomplished thought leader passionate about enabling digital transformation. His extensive experience designing business architectures for Industry 4.0 projects has empowered organizations worldwide to achieve excellence in cost prediction and digital strategy.

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