Behind Galorath’s suite of SEER products is an experienced technical team of domain experts and industry leaders who are available to offer support and professional insight alongside a wide range of consulting, training, customization and technical services.


Galorath consultants are senior professionals with extensive experience in project and cost management, as well as a deep understanding of SEER applications. Consultants can provide both limited engagement and “game-changing” services in a variety of disciplines including project estimation, design-to-cost analysis, Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV), Earned Value Management (EVM), and estimation process improvement.

Product Training

Galorath’s instructors are experienced consultants with an intimate working knowledge of the SEER suite of products and are available to help clients get the most out of the tools to address real-life situations. Training is available on-site at client facilities or our offices in El Segundo, California or Alexandria, VA.

Specialized Training

Where more technical, specialized training and education is needed, SEER consultants are available to lend their insight and expertise. Focused training is available in Space Cost Estimation, Software Sizing Methods, and other domain-specific areas, with additional course development underway.


Galorath’s in-house team of developers and consultants are available to provide unlimited expert support to all SEER clients no matter the challenge. Galorath also maintains a User Support Library where registered users can access technical documents, guidance and estimating utilities.

Federal Services

Galorath Federal was created to optimize the company’s ability to deliver the highest quality Federal acquisition services while mitigating any concerns over Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI). This separate entity ensures government bodies understand the implications of substantial technical and financial decisions and execute complex projects with absolute confidence.

Engineering Services

Galorath brings a more holistic approach to Engineering Services because we’re more effectively able to answer inevitable questions about cost. With experts in a wide range of disciplines, we’re able to bring real-world applications to clients of all sizes in all industries. Let Galorath be the missing piece to your most pressing estimation challenges. Engineering Services Data Sheet

Data Science

Galorath’s consultants are at the cutting-edge of predictive analytics theory and practice. Our consultants are proficient in machine learning techniques – including traditional regression analysis – that are applicable to numerous domains, including human resources, customer data, and healthcare. Combined with the advanced automation capabilities provided by our in-house development capabilities, Galorath is a world-class data science solutions provider.

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Our Experts

For over 30 years, Galorath has worked tirelessly to alter the way organizations view and approach complex, specialized projects. By providing leadership teams with a comprehensive understanding of the implications resulting from a significant technical or financial decision, organizations feel confident moving forward, executing a plan with assurance and successfully reaching the intended results with absolute certainty.

Our team of experts includes some of the best minds in the field, all of whom have dedicated their careers to solving some of the world’s most technically complex problems. Our team doesn’t just have certifications from some of the most prominent industry bodies in the field like the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association and the Program Management Institute; we’re also helping to lead these professional organizations into the future.

We’re here to take the guesswork out your projects, answer your most difficult questions, and make the seemingly impossible, possible. No matter the industry, no matter the challenge, our team has the experience, the insight, and the professional acumen to assist your organization in reaching your goals on budget and on time.

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