SEER for Systems Engineering (SEER-SYS)

The nuts and bolts of most Engineering Systems are so intricate and complex, that to most non-engineers, it’s like trying to read a foreign language. But to the people who work and manage these systems, it is precisely what they live for. SEER-SYS is designed to give engineers the tools and resources they need to fine-tune and hone-in on the unique characteristics of their specific systems with a high degree of efficiency.

Product Highlights

  • ISO/IEC 15288 Complaint: Addresses the first four phases of the systems engineering lifecycle.
  • Knowledge Based:  Predefined drivers for different platform, system, and program types.
  • Scalable:  Supports system of systems efforts down to box level system costs.
  • Informed Decisions: Robust modeling environment enables you to quickly evaluate multiple concepts to support architectural decisions.

Why SEER for Systems Engineering

SEER for Systems Engineering (SEER-SYS) estimates systems engineering cost, schedule, and effort for projects of all sizes and complexities. SEER-SYS provides systems engineers, program managers, cost analysts, and others the ability to understand and optimize the effort and schedule of large systems engineering activities quickly and effectively.

SEER-SYS allows users to truly hone in on the characteristics of their system and create estimates that are a function of system functional size along with adjustments from environmental factors. System size is specified through common systems engineering products, such as requirements and interfaces. SEER-SYS provides another level of risk and budget analysis using Galorath’s in-depth Knowledge Bases based on our Systems Engineering research. SEER-SYS provides a robust, validated and proven model that is guaranteed to bring you game-changing results.

Product Extensions

Enterprise Database

Collaborate from a centralized workflow environment to organize and control SEER estimates.

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