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SEER for Manufacturing (SEER-MFG)

Manufacturing is a high-risk industry…

Make Your Product As Inexpensively As Possible So That You Can Save Cost & Make Profit.

  • There are multiple variables in labor, tooling, and materials that are constantly changing.
  • Eliminate a lot of risk by having accurate defensible numbers early on.
  • Manage costs, effort, and schedule and stay in control of the numbers.

What if you had a solution in the now, that shows you the future?

Some of the companies that trust SEER for their business decisions:

With Galorath
SEER For Manufacturing…

See the future, account for it, even change it.

See the future

See expected cost, effort, and material implications…

Account for it

Of each design decision…

Even change it

In real time!

Confidently Make Cost-Effective Decisions Early On

Optimize design-to-cost projections

Support should-cost negotiations

Have real-time information for bid
and proposal activities.

Eliminate the effect of churn on ROI.
SEER delivers predictive analysis for your whole manufacturing process— from setup to packaging.

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