How it works


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to use our software cost estimating tools to determine, in advance, which projects would likely run into cost, schedule, or resource overruns? Or if you could ensure that all project managers had equal project and software estimation expertise? Or if every supplier negotiation began with a thorough, documented analysis of what a project should cost? SEER is project estimating software.


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to test numerous project design, staffing, and scheduling scenarios to assess what specific course of action was most likely to achieve project objectives? And further, to benchmark current project performance against industry or organizational trendlines? SEER is project analysis software.


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to plan detailed and accurate project roadmaps, allocate resources, proactively address risk, and determine total cost of ownership from concept, through design, development, production, operation, and support -- in one quarter of the time it takes you now? SEER is project planning software.


How much more successful could your organization be if it was able to monitor actual project progress against expected outcomes (cost, effort, schedule and quality), to determine what (if any) mid-course corrective actions are most likely to get your project back on track without compromising project objectives? SEER is project tracking software.


SEER for Software

SEER for Software (SEER-SEM) is a powerful decision-support tool for estimating software development and maintenance cost, labor, staffing, schedule, reliability, and risk as a function of size, technology, and any project management constraints. The SEER for Software estimation and analysis suite of applications provides an integrated solution that supports all phases of the software project life cycle. SEER for Software

is effective for all types of software projects, from commercial IT business applications to real-time embedded aerospace systems. SEER for Software assists users in making vital decisions about the development and maintenance of software products to enSure that project plans are realistic, objective and defendable.

SEER for Manufacturing

SEER for Manufacturing (SEER-MFG) is a process-based, decision-support tool that provides reliable estimates for manufacturing costs to achieve the most efficient and affordable designs possible. Used in numerous industries, SEER for Manufacturing estimating software directly contributes to significant reductions in cost and time-to-market for new products. In addition to rapidly

creating reliable estimates for new products, you also can apply SEER for Manufacturing to bid-management tasks, procurement ("should-cost"), design trade studies, and market pricing. SEER for Manufacturing contains a comprehensive knowledge base of manufacturing processes covering state of practice and state of the art metallic, non-metallic, electronic fabrication and assembly processes. You can create custom knowledge bases to reflect your unique plant and equipment. By using SEER for Manufacturing as a cost compass, you can identify the true cost drivers and evaluate alternative manufacturing processes to determine the most efficient way of producing a part to meet cost, performance, functionality and appearance requirements. The end result is the most affordable design possible.

SEER for Hardware, Electronics and Systems

SEER for Hardware, Electronics & Systems (SEER-H), is a robust decision-support tool providing lifecycle cost for any size hardware project, from individual components to a variety of complete product assemblies. Using parametric algorithms, extensive knowledge bases, and/or user-supplied data,

SEER-H can reliably and accurately estimate cost for product development projects. It provides cost estimation and pricing vision from project inception to production, including systems level, product development, production, operations, support and disposal costs. It also provides detailed insight into the risks, uncertainty and cost drivers associated with hardware development, acquisition and integration. As a result, it can help you win more business by providing a standardized and traceable approach to software cost estimation. SEER-H bases its estimate upon a Product Description (what is being built); a Mission Description (how it must perform), and a Program Description (how it will be built).


SEER for IT (SEER-IT), estimating software for IT projects, was designed for IT professionals, enabling organizations to develop an early and accurate assessment of project costs, schedules, and risks as well as ongoing support, helping to maximize productivity and output with fixed or declining budgets. SEER for IT has a collection of IT estimation elements (process models) which can be used

to define the work required as well as patterns for typical organizational approaches. Users can create custom Knowledge Bases and perform analyses with metrics derived from company project histories and task labor standards.