Webinar: Optimizing Systems Engineering for Improved Products and Competitive Advantage

Systems Engineering Ensures Optimized Products With Reduced Costs & Risks

Shorter product life cycles, customer increasing demands, more market customization required?  Systems Engineering can provide your organization with a competitive advantage.  One challenge is knowing how much systems engineering is "enough."  Where is the return on investment?  How much is too much?  Some of the areas where systems engineering can help include:

  • Defining the most appropriate product
  • Reducing design time & rework
  • Reducing errors in production
  • Increasing system reliability
  • Better risk identification and management
  • Better traceability to decisions
  • Much more

Without a robust methodology for complex problem resolution, organizations often waste effort, budget, and time either solving the wrong problems, developing incomplete fixes, or “gold plating” otherwise suitable solutions.

Systems Engineering is considered the most effective response to such challenges and may provide a significant return on investment because it is a systematic approach to problem definition - responsive to nomadic requirements and structured in a way that minimizes effort.

Dr. Ricardo Valerdi Explains The Expanding Role of Systems Engineering

In this webinar, Dr. Ricardo Valerdi will make the case that the expanding role of Systems Engineering as a function and a profession is vital if we are to meet the challenges of a new technological age. He will describe how the primary cost drivers of a Systems Engineering effort can be used to easily develop early, defensible positions for Cost, Effort, Schedule, and Risk, and how these estimates can form the basis of achievable plans, managed oversight, and project success.

SEER for Systems Engineering Estimates the Appropriate Resources and Tradeoffs

Next, Galorath’s Jason Kinsfather, will demonstrate how SEER for Systems Engineering (SEER-SYS),  generates estimates of Systems Engineering cost, schedule, and effort with greater fidelity than previously available. SEER-SYS offers a robust systems engineering estimating capability complete with knowledge bases and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 compatible reporting.

By leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive project Knowledge Bases, SEER-SYS is able to generate viable ISO-15288 compliant estimates long before an approach has been finalized.

For details on improving Systems Engineering Thru Estimating the Ideal Resources

Join us to see how.


Dr. Ricardo Valerdi is a Professor in the Systems & Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Arizona. He has lectured and conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Bath, and the University of South Australia.

His research focusing on cost estimation, test and evaluation, cybersecurity, and sports analytics has been funded by organizations as diverse as the Navy Acquisition Research Program, Air Force Office of the Surgeon General, BAE Systems, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He teaches courses in cost estimation, systems engineering, sports analytics, and the science of baseball.

Jason Kinsfather is a Senior Engineer with Galorath where he performs analysis of historical data to develop Cost Estimating Relationships, prepares should-cost estimates, performs cost-benefit analysis on high-risk areas and capital investments to determine best value approach and performs independent evaluations of proposal cost and risk. Jason previously held an engineering position at Alliant Techsystems for 13 years.