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Gain the confidence, control, and scale you need to determine security deployment costs and scenarios with SEER solutions from Galorath.

$13 million is the average cost to organizations resulting from cybercrime

According to an Accenture study, $13 million is the average cost to organizations resulting from cyber-crime. Cybersecurity is built on Prevention, Detection, Response, and Recovery concepts. It is a dynamic and rapidly evolving space. Cost analysis of deployment scenarios and outcomes requires that five elements be examined closely for cost controls:

Application Security

Measures taken during the development lifecycle to build resilience and avoid vulnerabilities encountered in a production environment when exposed to internal and external threats. SEER for Software captures the effort required to implement application security measures and provides should-cost data for immediate use in security requirements.

Information Security

Measures are taken to prevent information assets from being compromised. During the development lifecycle, access controls and data models could be implemented to protect the integrity of critical and sensitive data. Information Security includes processes and procedures related to handing and monitoring access and use of data used and maintained by the enterprise. SEER for Software and SEER for IT each address costing issues in these areas.

Disaster Recovery/Business Resilience

The policies, procedures, and tools used to ensure enterprise systems can recover from business disruptions in a timely and robust manner. SEER for IT captures regular Backup/Recovery efforts.

Network Security

The policies, tools, and practices used to prevent, detect and monitor unauthorized access and misuse of network resources. SEER for IT covers network monitoring efforts.

Cloud Security

An embodiment of the security areas mentioned above in the context of a cloud environment. For assets that are in the cloud, SEER for IT provides extra monitoring.

The beauty of using SEER’s knowledge bases is that SEER presets all the parameters. I don’t need to guess what the parameters should be.

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