SEER Sheet Metal Cost Estimator

SEER Sheet Metal Cost Estimator

SEER for Manufacturing Sheet Metal Estimator (SME) plug in uses the work done from the CATIA sheet metal workbench to extract the features of the design and map them to robust processes inside SEER for Manufacturing.

CATIA Sheet Metal Cost Estimator makes rapid cost estimates of sheet metal parts directly within CATIA v5 using innovative methods of processing solid model geometry data. This capability puts the power of cost trades directly in the hands of design engineers in their native environment. Users can now turn around cost estimates for sheet metal parts in minutes with the visibility of a detailed SEER for Manufacturing (SEER-MFG) analysis to back it up.

Design engineers can get feedback instantly.  The result is an almost instant part cost model (based on industry standards) that is incredibly accurate. What-if and manufacturing trades can be quickly and easily assessed inside CATIA to optimize and minimize cost. Processes include: Pre-Form Operations, Form Operations, After Form Operations, Detailed Finishing Operations, Hole Drilling, Tool Prep, Tool Cleaning, Tool Fabrication and Design, Material Costs, and more.

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