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SEER Ply Cost Estimator

For composites part cost estimates within CATIA, use the SEER Ply Cost Estimator, with the full power of SEER for Manufacturing.  The SEER composites models were developed in conjunction with the most knowledgeable and advanced composites organizations in the US and Europe.  SEER is the most comprehensive cost model for composites parts in the world.

This interface allows manufacturers to use SEER-MFG from within the CATIA design software and enable designers to model and virtually test composite manufacturing processes and evaluate tradeoffs during the earliest stages of product design. The SEER-Ply Cost Estimator features composite part cost estimates for labor (set up, direct, inspection, rework), material and tooling.

Companies that use Galorath’s SEER-Ply Cost Estimator within the CATIA environment process can perform early trade-off analyses on the uses of various materials and composite processes during design, before they start manufacturing. They can then determine the most efficient ways to manufacture their products while meeting cost, performance, functionality and appearance requirements.

Additionally, as the design of a part changes shape, size, or materials, users can quickly rerun new estimates so they can understand the impacts of those changes on their costs. This reduces duplicate effort of re-entering data into cost models so users will know in advance what it will cost to produce that part.

Estimates are updated and refreshed as the design evolves, and users can save multiple scenarios for each part to compare and trade options – features that help the designers understand the costs of their design decisions.

Part cost estimates include ply placement, debulking, core prep and machining, panel layup, hot-press forming, curing (autoclave, resin transfer molding, or vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding), postcure trimming, finishing, drilling, nondestructive inspection, tool design, fabrication, preparation, and cleaning.

The built-in material and labor cost data can easily be customized by the company in the form of Manufacturing Environments. Other variables (e.g., the experience of the labor force and overall plant efficiency) can also be changed.

Galorath’s SEER-Ply Cost Estimator in CATIA can be used for:

  • Engineering – to identify which design choices affect costs and by how much
  • Purchasing/Manufacturing – to get an idea of what to expect from suppliers before asking for quotes or estimates (should-cost)
  • Cost Engineering – focal point for the cross-functional discussion about cost to drive participation, especially from engineering

This SEER-Ply Cost Estimator interface is being delivered initially for CATIA V5. It includes fully customizable knowledge base templates and rules to create detail composite part cost estimates for labor, material and tooling costs.

For more info, check out the full SEER-Ply Cost Estimator info sheet.

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