SEER Machining Cost Estimator

SEER Machining Cost Estimator

CATIA Machining Cost Estimator makes rapid cost estimates of machined parts directly within CATIA v5 using innovative methods of processing solid model geometry data. This capability puts the power of cost trades directly in the hands of design engineers in their native environment. Users can now turn around cost estimates for complex machined parts in minutes with the visibility of a detailed SEER for Manufacturing (SEER-MFG) analysis to back it up.

Key functionality includes the ability to create detailed machining part cost estimates for labor, material, and tooling costs, as well as to update and refresh estimates as the design matures. Users can create and save estimates for each part configuration to compare and trade options. They can also customize knowledge base templates and rules to fit their factory environments, labor rates, and processes. Findings can be shared with other SEER users to be incorporated into other estimates. Additionally, estimates can be reviewed in CATIA even if Machining Cost Estimator and/or SEER are not installed.

Processes include: Material Origin (from Raw Stock, Casting or Forging), Rough and Finish Milling, Tool Prep, Rough and Finish Turning, Rough and Finish Boring, Drilling, Tapping, Finishing Operations, High Tolerance Machining (Lapping, Honing, Surface Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, more), Tool Prep, Tool Cleaning, Tool Fabrication and Design, Material Costs and more.

Trade studies, material choices, processing scenarios can all be quickly and accurately conducted to optimize the design and minimize the cost. SEER for Manufacturing’s machining cost estimation capabilities

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