SEER-IT Browser

SEER-IT Browser

The Browser Edition brings SEER-IT’s parametric cost-estimation capabilities to a broad range of users via internet or intranet. Its advantages include:

  • Zero footprint – no desktop installation is required
  • Platform independence – users may access SEER-IT from non-Windows environments, including Linux, the Macintosh OS and from tablets
  • Centralized, secure data storage – controlled access to estimate data, synchronized updates, centralized maintenance and backup of data
  • Extended access to estimating projects – supports role-driven (Read/Write or Read-Only) permissions and views of project information
  • Your server or in the cloud – easier collaboration with geographically dispersed teams
  • Highly customizable interface – enables wider deployment to a variety of users, for example, full time estimators, line managers, and executive reviewers

For more information, check out our full SEER-IT Browser sheet.

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