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SEER for Software: Predictive Technology that Maximizes Business Value and ROI [NEW RELEASE]

El Segundo, CA- (Feb. 18, 2019)- The ability for Management and Finance to determine which software and IT projects to approve before committing funds or what projects will cost when bidding for work can save millions of dollars and mitigate corporate issues over late or failed projects or pending out of control operational maintenance/operations costs. For projects bid as vendors, SEER can help ensure wins as well as profit. The total cost of ownership, development plus maintenance provides further visibility to cost and cost risk that Agile programs generally miss.

Additionally, SEER for Software supports CIO cloud priorities including prediction of cost, schedule, and risk for migration of applications and services to the cloud. These predictions of cloud investment cost and schedule ensure value to the business. SEER for Software’s new included Agile Planner provides this management information through its knowledge bases and predictive analytics modeling. This update, investing over two years and working with SCRUM masters and Agile intensive customers bring abilities never seen before in software or software management including:

• Obtain management transparency on Agile projects • Internal development: Management has real visibility to ownership costs prior to committing funds • Software suppliers win strategy: Understand costs, schedules and risks of win strategy when bidding new business including traditional, Agile or cloud • Cloud Redeployment: Understand specific costs, risks and value to the business of cloud redeployment • Identify project scope up-front before project details are known • Use developer’s artifacts such as story points when available to benchmark against reality • Hybrid Agile risky or embedded systems: get cost & schedule visibility on exploratory sprints and system testing in addition to what developers might consider • Understand the scope of software testing including remaining defects and effort to remove them • Create a detailed sprint plan if desired

Leading Price-To-Win expert Ian Brown says “Capture managers make SEER for Software part of their competitive edge to winning proposals and price to win strategies. With SEER they don’t need to rely on guesswork and decision makers have confidence their BOEs (Basis of Estimate).”

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