SEER for Hardware, Electronics & Systems (SEER-H)

Every system is driven by key technical and programmatic requirements that together, define the final product. Without a way to capture all those drivers, organizations are totally lost in understanding what it’s going to take to design, test, produce and support their systems. SEER-H brings clarity throughout the project lifecycle.

Product Highlights

  • Reduce Uncertainty with Viable Forecasts: Forecast real-world outcomes by estimating electronic, mechanical, structural, hardware costs, schedule, effort, reliability, and risk.  
  • Provide Total Ownership Costs: Covers labor, materials and other costs, including non-recurring engineering, recurring engineering, production, operations, support and more.
  • Lead the Development with Detailed, Achievable Project Plans: Produce highly-accurate cost and schedule estimates and use the estimates you create to produce actionable plans to drive the project to production and beyond.
  • Boost Confidence with Verifiable Reasonableness: Capture benchmark data and apply it at any level to make estimates for each new project more accurate than the last.


SEER-H uses a two-stage estimation approach, leveraging similar project histories and proven formulaic cost relationships to estimate next generation products. In stage one, SEER-H generates an analogy between the current project and a comprehensive database of technical, programmatic, and cost information that is continually reviewed for applicability to the current estimation requirements. Second, Cost-Estimating Relationships (CERs) are applied to the analogous cost estimate to address company-specific development and production factors.

From there, SEER-H can optimize project planning, performing trade-off analyses on design and production options such as make-buy considerations, alternative materials or labor sources, varying production runs or different support scenarios. SEER-H can also easily be paired with other SEER products to develop a “Total System Vision” for more complex projects.

Product Extensions


Estimate development and production costs for custom ICs, ASICs, and FPGAs based on key characteristics.

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Microsoft Project Integration

Automatically construct a complete project plan from enterprise specific templates using your SEER project estimate.

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Enterprise Database

Collaborate from a centralized workflow environment to organize and control SEER estimates.

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SEER for Electro Optical Sensors (SEER-EOS)

Estimate life-cycle costs for space, manned and unmanned aircraft, and ground and missile based EO sensors using key technical and performance parameters.

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Estimate by Comparison

Define project scope via visual pairwise comparisons.

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Create estimates from completed projects using key technical and performance criteria, employing case-based reasoning methods.

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Booz Allen Hamilton, the US Navy & SEER-H

A lack of early estimation data for the Navy’s AEHF Terminal program left some question marks around how best to move things forward. Leveraging SEER-H, Booz Allen Hamilton was able to create a business case analysis to give the Navy the insight they needed to get things back on track.

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