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SEER for Electro Optical Sensors (SEER-EOS)

Gain greater understanding of the costs and key cost drivers for electro-optical sensors with the SEER-EOS plug-in to SEER-H.

Parametric modeling of electro-optical (EO) sensors has historically been challenging, due to lack of data and a complex technical domain. Now, the SEER-EOS plug-in expands the capabilities of SEER-H, allowing you to perform a full lifecycle cost for space-based EO sensors.

SEER-EOS is a plug-in to the SEER-H hardware development and production estimation software.

So you’ll be working in a proven estimating environment, integrating your EO sensor estimates into your overall estimating environment.

  • Understand the implications of design changes on cost. SEER-EOS allows you to evaluate more than 50 EO sensor technologies in terms of key technical and performance parameters.
  • Analyze alternatives quickly. SEER-EOS provides an intuitive and friendly environment that makes estimating EO sensor costs quick and easy. This ease of use provides the opportunity to evaluate more design alternatives in a shorter period of time, helping you discover the low-cost solution and/or determine the appropriate balance of cost and performance.
  • Include system-level costs. Mix and match SEER-EOS estimation elements with standard SEER-H estimation capability yielding a robust estimation tool that is applicable to not just EO sensors, but also all cooperating and supporting systems.

SEER-EOS is a plug-in module for SEER-H that adds specific features and estimation models to substantially improve the capability of SEER-H to estimate development and production costs of space-based EO devices.

To make a complete estimate of an EO sensor you may use not only the special estimating capability that SEER-EOS provides, but also other estimating features within the standard capability of SEER-H, such as supporting structure, brackets, electronics, wiring, and plumbing.

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