Risk on IT Infrastructure Projects

Risk on IT Infrastructure Projects

Identifying the risk on IT infrastructure projects is a key to viable cost & schedule analysis.  While working on risk identification I ran across this list which is a decent starting point for IT Infrastructure risks.  I will post enhancements to this risk list as they are determined:

From http://www.projectmanagement.net.au/infrastructure_risks

Schedule Unscheduled changes/delays
  Personnel turning up without notification
  Non-conformance – not starting/failures
  Reliance on external sub-contractors/organisations
Technical Unplanned/unapproved changes
  New design not working
  Version control problems
  Hardware failure
  Software failure
  Incorrect image/version loaded
  Integration with existing systems
Personnel Changes of personnel – CUSTOMER/Vendor
  Lack of skills/knowledge
  Not aware of policy/procedures
Logistical/Equipment Supply availability
  Physical storage of equipment on arrival – security
  Contingency equipment availability
User Not aware of Vendor schedule/activities
  Inability to perform core business activities
  Inability to perform non-core business activities
  User expectations
  Confusion about CUSTOMER/Vendor responsibilities
  Loss of data
  Data not moved to C:userid
Project Management Lack of detailed site information
  Lack of reporting
  Unaware of Customer site requirements
  Absence of quality control/management process built into plan
  Absence of issue log/change request log/configuration management log
  Role confusion
  Lack of issue identification – trends
  Inconsistent project documentation
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