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SEER for Systems Engineering (SEER-SYS)

Accurately Estimate Systems Engineering Costs With Little Data

SEER provides accuracy by basing estimates on historical data of various types of systems. SEER can estimate anything from large to small:

  • System of Systems (SOS)
  • Vehicles (aircraft, ground, Unmanned Air Vehicle)
  • Box level electronics
  • Cloud Deployment or On-Premises

It is designed to be used in various types of environments including airborne, space, and ground.

Here’s How It Works


You can start estimating with high-level inputs such as requirements, interfaces, algorithms, operation scenarios, and complexity.


These inputs are correlated to SEER’s database of systems engineering analogies, making it easy to estimate costs.

Systems Engineers Have A
Unique Set Of Challenges

At times, you must provide reliable cost estimates when little is known about the final product details. You can’t do factor-based estimation without a final product to base it on. Yet, you need to produce early estimates.

Your challenge is to improve current cost estimation methods to prevent underbidding, overbidding, and lost proposals.

You need a tool that provides a trustworthy and standardized early cost estimation model for systems engineering.

The government is requiring you to use model-based systems engineering (MBSE), and you need a mechanism to implement the cost impact.

You must produce a systems engineering budget early in the project when all you have are high level requirements.

Reality-based early budgets are critical, since customers tend to regard preliminary numbers as “promises”.

You’re expected to come up with numbers while still developing high level requirements with the customer.

You can’t easily satisfy a customer’s “what if” scenario needs by manually retrieving and adjusting relevant cost analogies.

You cannot have certainty or feel confident using laborious bottom up estimation.

The beauty of using SEER’s knowledge bases is that SEER presets all the parameters. I don’t need to guess what the parameters should be.

SEER For Systems Engineering Brings Certainty

SEER estimates systems engineering cost, schedule, and effort. It gives you the ability to see numbers (based on historical actuals not guesses) up front when it matters. Quickly understand and optimize systems engineering activities.

  • Estimate Systems Engineering projects of all sizes and complexities.
  • Apply many layers of project complexities adjustments to create more accurate estimates.
  • Systems Engineering Knowledge Bases (input templates) provide a wide variety of possible tradeoffs for baseline budgets, and risk excursions.
  • SEER for Systems Engineering is a robust, validated, and proven model.

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