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Confidently Make IT And Digital Investment Decisions

With SEER, quickly understand the likely cost, schedule, effort, risk, and reliability of a project. SEER provides Parametric Cost Estimation for IT projects.

  • Instantly identify and optimize project cost and effort.
  • Evaluate alternatives in just a few minutes
  • Run “design to cost” tradeoff studies quickly and efficiently.
  • Conduct successful vendor evaluations and monitoring
  • With SEER, your numbers are always credible
  • Cloud Deployment or On-Premises

IT And Digital Transformation Projects Are Risky

Complexity, risk, lack of data all contribute to making IT projects difficult. Part of the reason for this is that you’re often “flying blind” without the information you need. You can’t make the best decisions with partial data and guessing the rest.

You don’t have data to source your estimates.

During planning, you can’t efficiently model and run “what if” scenarios about IT initiatives.

You don’t have the ability to accurately project IT resource needs.

You don’t feel confident that you are going to meet your next digital transformation, IT, or Cloud Migration milestone.

You lack a tool to assess feasibility and to optimize cost.

Without the ability to examine alternatives, dreaded churn is virtually certain.

The beauty of using SEER’s knowledge bases is that SEER presets all the parameters. I don’t need to guess what the parameters should be.

Projecting Costs Of IT Solutions Is Complex

SEER for IT Makes The User An “Expert”:

  • Evaluate, plan, manage, and maintain large and complex internal IT initiatives.
  • Support price-to-win analysis with real cost correlations from customers, competitors, and the industry.
  • Win more bids with bottom-up estimates based on real industry data. Your numbers have greater fidelity, and your estimation process is more flexible.
  • Assess managed services proposals. Make the best choice for your needs. Maintain control of long-term costs.
  • Negotiate best vendor solution proposals with certainty of should-cost information.
  • Manage the entire IT portfolio of projects. Have a Big Picture view and know what and when to cut.

Confidently Plan Your Next IT Strategic Move

SEER for IT Gives You Numbers You Can Defensibly Support

  • Your decisions are based on relevant costs from competitors, industry, and client companies.
  • SEER inputs are correlated to industry-wide costs of IT projects
  • Have informed insight into costs, resources, and schedule
  • See the impact of your choices up front. Do multiple iterations (tweaking costs, resources, and schedule) until the numbers work for your needs.

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Use Case

To estimate the cost of service level agreements (SLAs) for IT services when using cloud computing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Define the SLA requirements: The first step is to define the SLA requirements, which may include uptime, response time, and resolution time. The SLA requirements will help determine the level of service required and the associated cost.
  2. Determine the cloud provider: The cloud provider chosen will impact the SLA and the associated cost. Different providers offer different levels of service, so it’s important to choose a provider that can meet the SLA requirements.
  3. Evaluate the size and complexity of the IT environment: The size and complexity of the IT environment will impact the cost of SLAs. For example, a larger environment may require more monitoring and management, which can increase the cost of SLAs.
  4. Estimate the duration of the contract: The duration of the contract can also impact the cost of SLAs. Longer contracts may offer better pricing than shorter contracts.
  5. Use an estimation tool: An estimation tool like SEER for IT can help estimate the cost of SLAs based on the defined requirements, the cloud provider, the size and complexity of the IT environment, and the duration of the contract. SEER for IT is a software cost estimation tool that can help provide an accurate and reliable estimate for the cost of SLAs and other IT services.

SEER for IT can help by providing a comprehensive estimation of the cost of SLAs based on various factors, including the size and complexity of the IT environment, the level of service required, and the cloud provider. This tool can help organizations to make informed decisions about the cost of IT services and allocate their resources effectively.

In summary, to estimate the cost of service level agreements for IT services when using cloud computing, you should define the SLA requirements, determine the cloud provider, evaluate the size and complexity of the IT environment, estimate the duration of the contract, and use an estimation tool like SEER for IT to provide a reliable cost estimate.

Use Case

Independent labor estimating can still be necessary even when using cloud computing for IT functions. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Cost control: While cloud computing can help reduce the costs of IT functions, labor costs can still be significant. An independent labor estimate can help ensure that the budget is realistic and based on accurate information, which can aid in cost control.
  2. Vendor selection: Cloud computing often involves working with vendors to provide IT services. An independent labor estimate can help evaluate different vendors and select the one that offers the best value for money based on the estimated labor costs.
  3. Contract negotiations: When working with vendors, independent estimating of labor costs can help with contract negotiations. An accurate estimate can be used as a benchmark to negotiate pricing and service-level agreements related to labor.
  4. Project management: Independent labor estimating can be helpful in project management by providing a baseline for the project’s labor budget and timeline. This can help identify potential problems early on and make adjustments as necessary.
  5. Resource planning: Independent labor estimating can help with resource planning, such as identifying the number of team members required for a project or the amount of time required for each team member to complete their tasks.
  6. Risk management: Independent estimating of labor can help identify potential risks and uncertainties associated with a project, which can help mitigate these risks and ensure the project’s success.

In summary, independent estimating of labor can be meaningful even when using cloud computing for IT functions. It can help with cost control, vendor selection, contract negotiations, project management, resource planning, and risk management. An independent estimate can provide a benchmark for evaluating labor costs and aid in making informed decisions related to labor resources.

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