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Confidently Make IT And Digital Investment Decisions

With SEER, quickly understand the likely cost, schedule, effort, risk, and reliability of a project. SEER provides Parametric Cost Estimation for IT projects.

  • Instantly identify and optimize project cost and effort.
  • Evaluate alternatives in just a few minutes
  • Run “design to cost” tradeoff studies quickly and efficiently.
  • Conduct successful vendor evaluations and monitoring
  • With SEER, your numbers are always credible

IT And Digital Transformation Projects Are Risky

Complexity, risk, lack of data all contribute to making IT projects difficult. Part of the reason for this is that you’re often “flying blind” without the information you need. You can’t make the best decisions with partial data and guessing the rest.

You don’t have data to source your estimates.

During planning, you can’t efficiently model and run “what if” scenarios about IT initiatives.

You don’t have the ability to accurately project IT resource needs.

You don’t feel confident that you are going to meet your next digital transformation, IT, or Cloud Migration milestone.

You lack a tool to assess feasibility and to optimize cost.

Without the ability to examine alternatives, dreaded churn is virtually certain.

The beauty of using SEER’s knowledge bases is that SEER presets all the parameters. I don’t need to guess what the parameters should be.

Projecting Costs Of IT Solutions Is Complex

SEER for IT Makes The User An “Expert”:

  • Evaluate, plan, manage, and maintain large and complex internal IT initiatives.
  • Support price-to-win analysis with real cost correlations from customers, competitors, and the industry.
  • Win more bids with bottom-up estimates based on real industry data. Your numbers have greater fidelity, and your estimation process is more flexible.
  • Assess managed services proposals. Make the best choice for your needs. Maintain control of long-term costs.
  • Negotiate best vendor solution proposals with certainty of should-cost information.
  • Manage the entire IT portfolio of projects. Have a Big Picture view and know what and when to cut.

Confidently Plan Your Next IT Strategic Move

SEER for IT Gives You Numbers You Can Defensibly Support

  • Your decisions are based on relevant costs from competitors, industry, and client companies.
  • SEER inputs are correlated to industry-wide costs of IT projects
  • Have informed insight into costs, resources, and schedule
  • See the impact of your choices up front. Do multiple iterations (tweaking costs, resources, and schedule) until the numbers work for your needs.

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