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Video SEER for Software (SEER-SEM)

You want a successful software project (50-80% fail)

A Solution In The Now
To Help You See The Future

  • Software development and integration projects bring huge risks with unpredictable costs and schedules.
  • Projects fail when they’re not based on reliable information.
  • When the numbers don’t add up, plans are not executable.
  • If only you could see into the future!

Some of the companies that trust SEER for their business decisions:

With Galorath
SEER For Software…

See the future

Develop reliable software estimates

Account for it

Make informed decisions early
In the process

Even change it

Quickly evaluate “what if” scenarios

When The Truth Is Unpalatable:

SEER delivers predictive analysis for your whole software development and maintenance process.

Optimize Effort

Reduce Costs

Adjust The Schedule

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