SEER Products Are Now Windows 7 Compatible

- May 10, 2010 - We are proud to announce that many of the SEER applications are now Windows 7 Compatible, including:

• SEER Estimate by Comparison 3.1.8
• SEER-H Integration to MS Project 1.0.21
• SEER for Hardware 7.1.45
• SEER for IT 1.1.10
• SEER-MFG 6.1.14
• SEER for Software 7.3.13

These applications are not only supported by Windows 7, but have passed a set of tests that ensure a high level of quality for the application. This status represents the fact that we really stand behind our products. You can be confident that SEER Windows 7 compatible applications are reliable to use and have higher quality across the bar than similar applications.