Galorath Officially a Total Solutions Company

Contact: David Dewitt
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September 29, 2015

Galorath Officially a Total Solutions Company

EL SEGUNDO, CA – Galorath, the leading provider of advanced modeling tools for project estimation, announced that they will officially be a total solutions company offering both professional services and products.

Therefore, Galorath will now offer cost estimating services, as well as management consulting services for program management, financial/cost analysis, and acquisition system support. This is in addition to the SEER estimation suite offered by Galorath, which includes cost estimation software for: IT, Hardware, Software, and Manufacturing projects.

“As we began to offer our services to customers, we were surprised at the amount of positive feedback we received. When we saw the need for our services, it made sense to move toward becoming a total solutions company,” said Dan Galorath, CEO of Galorath Incorporated.
Galorath will make access to SEER much more efficient for current clients and has the potential to bring SEER’s advanced cost estimation to many other clients. Galorath has already begun expansion by hiring more employees to meet the demand for services.

“This new emphasis will mean great things for Galorath and its clients,” said Bob Hunt, President of Galorath Federal. “Galorath has always been devoted to bringing the most accurate cost estimation to projects and now we are making our solutions more readily available.”
Galorath will be offering their total solutions internationally to government and commercial clients alike.

ABOUT GALORATH INCORPORATED Galorath Incorporated has invested more than two decades to becoming a total solutions company to help government and commercial organizations plan and manage complex software, hardware, electronics, IT, and manufacturing projects. SEER solutions enable engineers, project managers, cost analysts, and information technology professionals worldwide to simulate and analyze alternative project scenarios, develop and optimize detailed project plans, and ensure that projects stay on track and meet objectives for functionality, cost, effort, duration, and quality.

Galorath offers services for cost estimating and consulting services for program management, financial/cost analysis, and acquisition system support. Combined with extensive consulting and support services, SEER by Galorath is the most comprehensive, intuitive project estimation and management solution in the industry.

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