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Estimate by Comparison

SEER Estimate By Comparison, the next-generation sizing application from Galorath Incorporated, is now a standard feature issued with SEER project management applications for Hardware, Manufacturing, IT and Software. A California-based software firm whose customers include Bank of America; Boeing; Ford Motor Company; Lockheed Martin; Northrop Grumman; Siemens, and the U.S. Department of Defense, Galorath has been helping organizations improve their project planning capabilities for over 20 years.

SEER Estimate By Comparison enables users to develop early defendable comparative estimates from SEER input parameters using any quantifiable variables. It includes specific variables for each of the SEER applications: Software, Hardware, Information Technology and Manufacturing, while retaining the software sizing-specific functionality of its predecessor (SEER-AccuScope.)

For Project Portfolio Planning exercises, SEER Estimate By Comparison addresses the scope and value of the potential projects within the portfolio. Coupled with other SEER applications, it provides both cost and value so that in an environment of limited resources, the projects with the best business value can go forward. The possibilities and the opportunities to better quantify qualitative conjecture are virtually limitless.

“For years, as SEER’s relative software sizing approaches improved planning for software development, I recognized the need for this capability for other items such as software reuse, volume in hardware, server sizing and value estimation of systems. This new release provides all that and more. I am excited to see Estimate by Comparison delivered throughout the SEER product line” said Dan Galorath, president and CEO of Galorath Incorporated.

All SEER by Galorath customers will receive the SEER Estimate By Comparison Pro version, which-in addition to estimating any SEER parameter-can estimate user-defined custom variables.

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