Estimate and Size by Comparison

Estimate and Size by Comparison

Estimate and Size by Comparison is a tool for estimating software size, the single most significant driver of development cost, effort, and schedule. Estimate and Size by Comparison helps the user define software scope through a series of project analogies and/or comparisons to a user’s repository of past projects. In this way users can develop a reliable estimate on a project’s scope even when information is scarce. Sizing can be determined using analogies, pair-wise comparison, or through an array of metrics such as Function Points, Source Lines of Code (SLOC), Function Based Sizing, and Use Cases.


  1. Identify items to be estimated
  2. Select reference items which are the best match to the current project; reference items can be entered manually, selected by analogy, or obtained from a repository of past projects.
  3. Establish the relative size between reference items and the current project.
  4. Analyze and share reports and charts
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