Enterprise Database

Enterprise Database

SEER Enterprise Shared Database (SEER-DB) is a centralized collaboration environment for organizing and managing SEER estimates. More specifically, SEER-DB refers to the archive where estimates are organized, collated, version controlled, and archived through a secured interface. The SEER-DB can be configured to fit your organization’s estimation workflow requirements using user definable fields and access controls for users and user groups, allowing participation from teams located anywhere in the world to collaborate and build estimates. Custom fields can be configured to include such things as project codes, departments, status states, adapting organization specific attributes to the estimation process. Access controls include read, write, and even viewing project list permissions. Even project level permissions can be set, enabling a project owner the ability to lock estimates from any subsequent revisions. Multiple database instances can be set up, and estimates can be transferred from one database to another. As an example, an organization could have a database for sandbox, staging, and approved projects. (Applicable for SEER-SEM, SEER-H, SEER-MFG, SEER-IT, SEER-SYS)

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