Cost & Risk Analysis of  Managing Modernization Projects With Cloud and Open Source Considerations

Software modernization projects are becoming increasingly critical as mainframe hardware ages out, people retire, and skillsets are lost or forgotten.  Concurrently, available resources and budgets are usually tight.  This leaves management with the challenges of dealing with the sometimes fragile software iron triangle  (scope, resources, schedule and quality.)  TO further complicate matters, agencies are increasing their cloud consumption as part of modernization.  This is fraught with challenges such as getting a viable estimate when cloud vendors make it appear as easy as filling in a web form.  Even the definition of cloud must be further quantified to discriminate between public, private, and community clouds while the definitions of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service continue to blur.


And This paper will address using software estimation processes and their risk management components to produce adequate solutions: on-premises, cloud, insourced or outsourced. Planning for Proprietary and open source will be discussed. And latest findings will be disclosed.  As part of this process bias mitigation will be addressed as well as the cost and benefit of outsourcing solutions.

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