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At Galorath, our solutions are developed and supported to meet our client’s needs, provide value, and be invaluable at any and every phase of the lifecycle. Here are some of the key areas that set us apart:

  • Defensible positions for cost, effort, and time augmented by uncertainty.
  • Have confidence in a defensible position based on validated solutions, expertise, and data.
  • Reduce the cost and time required to develop a cost position that is robust and complete.
  • Agility to adapt to change and to understand where changes can be made.
  • All of the capability from a single source to not just understand the expected but also to execute afterward effectively.
  • Professional Solutions and Obsessive Support.

Partners that bring
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Knowing the basis of the outcome and how to increase benefit.

The Galorath suite of solutions enlightens the customer to know what the expected outcome should be and what factors are driving the cost, effort, schedule, risk, and reliability of the project. Clients are equipped with the capability to consider alternative paths, change the basis of estimates and make alternative assumptions to see the overarching changes.

Immediate analysis of alternatives.

All of the capability from a single source to not just understand the expected but also to execute afterward effectively

The value that Galorath offers extends beyond the early phases of a program. We can help decision-makers understand the Cost of Ownership of a system at the most important time – when acquisition decisions are made. This ensures that the whole life of a program is visible, viable, and affordable. Galorath provides additional assurance and assistance to all stakeholders when it comes to the measurement of progress for key milestone gateways.

Galorath is the solution of choice across all stages of the project lifecycle.

Professional Solutions and Obsessive Support

Galorath sets the standard for delivering robust predictive and decision-analysis solutions across a broad global community. Making confident decisions based on our solutions and commitment to innovation are essential while having the assurance that the Galorath team will be with you whenever is critical.

Your weekend cost problem is our weekend cost challenge.

Software & Support Solutions

Galorath empowers users to quickly develop the insight required for a robust baseline, project control and delivery success.

Solutions as a Service

Galorath experts deliver results and strategies to push strategic decisions forward with confidence.

Hybrid Solutions

Galorath Success Package for project success; Governance, Process, Change Management, Tools; very best of our Software and Support and Solutions as a Service

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