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Agile Planner

The software Industry has adopted Agile development methods.  It makes sense then to also use Agile methods to generate Software cost estimates.  With the SEER-SEM Agile Planner, software estimates are created in minutes and ready for instant trade-off analysis.   The CIO and CFO can now have critical cost information long before they need to make approval decisions.

  • Quickly generate a Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) estimate
  • Understand all project costs – including warranty and ongoing support!
  • Estimate overall effort and schedule, number of sprints, and even optimal team sizes
  • Understand likely team productivity across multiple teams
  • Perform instant trade studies for project risks and uncertainties
  • SEER-SEM with the Agile Planner serves both, the PMO/CIO level needs for accountability to shareholders and stakeholders, as well as the Development Team’s sprint planning needs, ensuring the best use of budgets and resources.  
  • Whether you are looking for a ROM or wanting to get into the specifics. The Agile planner allows you perform High Level Backlog Planning estimates are well as Detailed Sprint estimates, including Sprint 0 planning and back-end System Integration.

Build an estimate based on your team(s) characteristics

If you know your team size and sprint timebox, let the Agile Planner estimate the number of sprints it will take you to consume your backlog. Or even better, let the Agile Planner calculate an optimal team size to maximize the effort/duration tradeoff.

Not sure about your velocity?

The Agile Planner will use industry productivity metrics to compute velocity; this is especially helpful for new teams, technologies, projects or any situation where velocity metrics have not been measured. And if you do know your velocity, that can be incorporated as part of the planning process.

Learn more about the Agile Planner by viewing our video below:

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