Litigation Lessons Video Series

This is a guest blog by Warren S. Reid, Founder and Managing Director of WSR Consulting Group, LLC, Consultants and Expert Witnesses.

With 40 years of personal experience and lessons learned in the arenas of both successful and failed systems projects and software. Reid has testified in internationally as an expert witness in 100+ failed systems cases.

When 70% of all large-scale business software and ERP software projects either fail outright or are challenged (failing to meet the appropriate budget, schedule, and/or agreed-to functionality), it is time to change the conversation. The “Now You Know” series aims to educate about the necessary ingredients for successful projects, AND, barring success in System Development and Implementation, successful litigation. Reid will explain how cases can play out in court and offer concrete ideas for evaluating the strength of your case.

Watch Reid's Litigation Lessons video series.

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