Windows 30th Birthday and SEER

Hated Windows 1.0

I had purchased Windows 1.0; installed it; saw how horrible it looked (there wasn't sufficient resolution on those old Windows graphics cards) and how slow, and uninstalled Windows the same week.  Its big claim to fame was one could run multiple applications at a time (MS-DOS allowed only 1 running app at a time) and put things in a graphical environment.  We used something in DOS (Sidekick) that allowed us to run a second program from Borland without exiting the first...This was wonderful.

SEER Does Windows

seer-sys-imageIt was an interesting twist of fate that put SEER under Windows.  The initial prototype was done in MS-DOS.  And we were using Digital Research's GEM system for publishing and graphics.  We wanted people to see several items at once, in a dashboard arrangement so MS-DOS wouldn't cut it.  We also considered GEM for the SEER platform.  How different things might have turned out if we had done that.

.Windows 2.11 was a lot better.  We wanted SEER to take estimation to the next level.  SO we experimented with Windows.  Also the developers agreed to work at a reduced rate if we let them use Windows.  That was highly motivating for a bootstrapped company.

SEER was launched when Windows 2.11 was the current release:  1988.  We distributed 14 diskettes: 13 were Windows, and the 14th was SEER-SEM 1.0.

14 Floppies For a Run time Windows

I still remember our first customer installing the 14 floppies.  He asked me why we included things such as localization of language and date format.  I explained all that was free with Windows.  What reuse.

No Mice

IBM PC users of the time didn't own or use mice.  In fact our training classes trained them using Windows and a keyboard, with a mouse being allowed only during the last day.

Some users complained because the graphical interface was slower than MS-DOS. Some asked why we just didn't use MS-DOS like everyone else.  There were days when we wondered that too.  Off topic, PCs were so slow we recoded the floating point math as integers and did our own decimal computations.  The math co-processor was an expensive option. most people didn't have.

Happy Birthday Windows

We have gone through every windows update for the past 27 years.  We watched Windows turn from a clunker to a sweet system and back to a clunker again as Microsoft suffered their growing pains.  I am a fan of Windows 10. In fact I am going to try to replace my beloved iPad with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I may end up carring both but Windows has come a long way.  Thank you and happy birthday Windows.

Here is a 30 year history of Windows

PS THis reminds me of carrying the 22 pound Compaq computer thru airports.  It was the first "portable" PC.