SEER Estimate Central: Product Portfolio Management

seerestimatecentralI think I have said this before but the minus of being a bigger company is I don't get to participate in very many development reviews.  But the positive is when I see something like SEER estimate Central I am blown away all at once.   A year or two ago one of our customers implemented something sort of like this internally so they could see demand in terms of staff required, staff available, overstaffing and much more.  The new SEER estimate centeral does all this and much more.  Traditional, Agile or hybrid... understand organizational staffing, costing and any other issues.  Call for a demo or implementation plan at your organization.

So many time over the years we have addressed portfolios using SEER's merge subproject features.  It was a decent solution.  But using the enterprise database and seeing the results in seconds brings it to a whole other level.