Estimating Systems Engineering…. The Upcoming Book.. and SEER

I had the opportunity to review Dr. Ricardo Valerdi's (MIT) upcoming book on the COSYSMO model for estimating systems engineering: Systems Engineering Cost Estimation with COSYSMO.  There were some real gems in it.

From the book: 'It is known that increasing front-end analysis reduces the probability of problems later on (Blanchard and Fabrycky 1998) but excessive front end analysis may not pay the anticipated dividends. The key to accurately estimating early in a program is to estimate the appropriate level of systems engineering in order to ensure system success within cost and schedule budgets' This chart is included showing a relationship of systems engineering effort. Of course COSYSMO is a model for estimating systems engineering effort parametrically.

Galorath is proud to offer an implementation of COSYSMO for those desiring that methodology for systems engineering.

The SEER Allocation handles much more:

Additionally, for complex systems Our SEER for hardware, Electronics, and Systems estimates for software, hardware and the total system: 1) systems engineering, 2) systems program management, 3) integration Assembly & systems test / 4) System support equipment. SEER-H's organization is summarized as follows: