Cloud Costing Conference November 2015

I attended a cloud costing conference in Washington this week..  Cloud costing is interesting in a number of ways.  It can be a huge saving as you only pay for resources as you need them.  Or it can be a huge cost if you must pay for peaks or in many cases just because you are "renting" over time rather than buying once.

Cost Savings Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No

And some people make optimistic assumptions about people savings that don't come true.  You will still need people.  They may be doing slightly different jobs. In fact, according to experienced sources within the secure data community people and hardware are 85% of the costs of cloud computing.

There are generally 6 components to cloud costing:

5 Major Consderations in Cloud Costing





Of course security is a big concern on many people's minds.  And it should be on more people's minds.  The cost of security here includes only the cost of providing security, not the cost of security breaches.

The briefing slides can be found here:  Costing Cloud Solutions Costing November 2015

PS: There may be a couple bad slides in the deck.  I promised this to a number of people and figured I better get it published.  I will try to repair later.